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Arriving in a new country can be exciting as well as daunting. We can help streamline your transition to Australian practice.

Membership is free for overseas trained practitioners (and medical observers) who are not registered healthcare practitioners in Australia.

Appropriate category for overseas trained healthcare practitioners:

Category  Code 
Overseas Trained Practitioner Pre Australian Registration  098 

This category is suitable for overseas trained healthcare practitioners seeking relevant Australian qualifications but who are currently not qualified to practice in Australia. This category is also suitable for overseas trained healthcare practitioners undertaking a supervised observership in Australia.

Once in receipt of your Australian registration members in this category should contact MIPS so they can move to an appropriate new category. If you would like to find out the cost of membership for a practising category, request a membership fee estimate.

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For more detail about these categories and for instructions on how to select the appropriate category see the ‘Membership Categories Guide’ in the Membership Benefits Handbook. See the Members’ Insurance Covers Handbook for more detail on indemnity cover.