You have a choice

Many dental and oral health practitioners believe they don’t have a choice when it comes to indemnity. When you choose to join MIPS, you don’t have to give up your membership of any other professional organisations.

Blended pricing

Our fees are calculated using a unique blended pricing model which provides an equitable approach that accurately reflects each member’s risk exposure from current and past practice. 

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How to select the right category

Membership Benefits Handbook
Members’ Insurance Covers Handbook
Membership Application form 

MIPS provides membership benefits to dental members that more than satisfies AHPRA's requirement for indemnity. MIPS offers a large range of membership categories spanning the spectrum of public and/or private practice covering each step of professional development.

The broad groups of membership categories are:

  • Recent dental graduates
  • Dentist
  • Dental specialist
  • Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon
  • Dental and oral health hygienist
  • Dental and oral health therapist
  • Dental prosthetist
  • Dental technician

Employer indemnified

Membership categories are available for practitioners who have employer indemnity (eg employed by a hospital) and don’t undertake private practice.  There are also categories for practitioners with employer indemnity who do some private (non-employer indemnified) practice.

For detailed descriptions of each membership category see the Membership Benefits Handbook and view our article on how to select an appropriate category.

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Case study: MIPS dental membership at work

A dentist who was a MIPS member removed a patient's periodontally involuted teeth, placed implants and constructed implant supported fixed bridges in both arches. Subsequently:

  • there were issues with mechanical and biological failures
  • the member admitted negligence
  • a figure of over $80,000 was agreed as the cost of remedial treatment
  • the patient claimed inability to work, due to anxiety and panic disorder causally linked to the issues he was having with his teeth


The case was settled for a total in excess of $400,000. This included some hundreds of thousands for past and future economic loss. The member was fully covered for the damages and legal costs by MIPS.