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Webinars are accredited with RACGP in most instances and you can acquire a certificate of attendance for viewing all webinars. Check accreditation details within each webinar. 

These webinars contain content applicable to members of all craft groups and member classifications. Also provided are some webinars with content exclusive to dental members.

Post-operative complications - pre-emptive strategies
In this webinar Dr Jeff Cox outlines risk avoidance and minimisation strategies that will assist with the success of your operative procedure.

Healthier practitioners, better patient care
Dr Leanne Rowe covers the ambit of practitioner health issues. In light of recent events surrounding the serious issue of healthcare practitioners’ mental health, Dr Rowe is keen to offer some clarity around the appropriate management of this offer.

Explaining uncertainty to patients
Dr Rob Walters will facilitate this interactive session delivering a series of probing questions to Dr Ranjana Srivastava around the various aspects of uncertainty around healthcare. The content will focus on the need to communicate effectively the uncertainty around healthcare..

My job, my career – how to deal with challenges
Dr Jo Hely provides her insights from 30 years of clinical training and junior doctor education, involvement with practitioner regulators and as a MIPS Clinico-Legal Adviser.

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly & Your Wellbeing
Join Dr Geoff Toogood as he shares some of his personal experiences navigating through the pressures of his life as a healthcare professional.

Diagnostic Errors in Medicine
MIPS has recruited international expert Dr Mark Graber to present this special webinar about diagnostic errors. Diagnosis accounts for the highest number of medical indemnity claims, followed by procedure and treatment, according to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare.

Cyber Risks Simplified
IT and online security is essential to ensure that you, your staff, your practice and most importantly, your patients are protected from loss or theft of data and information. Hosted by MIPS and Brennan IT, this session will arm you with all the tools necessary to secure your practice from avoidable cyber-attacks.

Dealing with the Modern Patient
Find out how Dr Nichola Davis, Chairman, Claims Senior Management Group deals with queries from the modern patient. She imparts her know-how to help alleviate difficulty in handling the more complex questions on anti-vacc, telehealth and medicinal cannabis to name a few.

Mastering Medical Officer Risk
In this webinar, Dr Tom Campbell will provide insight into the personal and professional risks that confront doctors in their intern and prevocational years in hospitals as they head towards becoming a registrar.


Consequences of an incorrect statement
Making an incomplete, inaccurate or misleading statement has consequences. Whether it is to a health fund, regulator or the courts, it is imperative that statements are correct.

Top 5 Clinico-Legal Issues: Dental
Dr Jeff Cox discuses refunds, AHPRA complaints, communication, scope of practice, and the distinction between employee or contractor.

The Evolution of a Medical Complaint
Improve your understanding of some of the potential consequences in the complaint and claim environment in Australia with this webinar presented by one of MIPS' most experienced clinico-legal advisers, Dr Peter Simpson.

Honesty is the Best Policy
Disclosure to MIPS, AHPRA & your employer. Be open when it comes to your professional career and when sharing information with your indemnity provider. MIPS explains all your obligations to disclose information. Presented by Andrew Smith, Solicitor.


The Evolution of a Dental Complaint
Minor patient complaints can sometimes escalate and create stress and consequences for you as a dental practitioner. This webinar will allow you to run through some potential consequences in the complaint and claim environment in Australia while working through a case study. You will get to hear from one of Australian dentistry's most dynamic presenters, Dr Gerard Clausen. He has had extensive experience in clinico-legal issues and is a clinical demonstrator at University of Melbourne for postgraduate prosthodontics.

AHPRA and other Mandatory Notifications
All members are subject to the requirements of the AHPRA mandatory notification requirement, that is, of being reported or to report a colleague. This webinar considers your obligations to make a mandatory notification and what to properly consider in order to make such a decision.

Managing Bullying & Harassment
Practitioners can be challenged by the unprofessional behaviour of colleagues. Although foreign to AHPRA codes of conduct, workplace health & safety laws, employment and practice policies, bullying and harassment, particularly of junior staff, still occurs. Sadly, bullying in medicine is as old as the profession itself, but maybe the tide is changing. This session aims to provide some real insight into the issue, some details of interesting recent research and some practical strategies to deal with negative behaviour.

Drugs and Prescribing 101
This webinar discusses the laws that govern the use of drugs in Australian healthcare. The session will explains where prescriptions are required, managing and prescribing Schedule 8 drugs of dependence, drug storage, off label use, prescribing for yourself and family and record keeping.

Employee Relations
Various techniques are discussed to help you deal with difficult colleagues, employment related issues and industrial disputes, performance, assessment and competency issues, practice staff difficulties and mandatory reporting.

Tips for Young Practitioners
Tips and helpful hints for MIPS recent graduate members including: your internship – what to expect some do’s and don’ts about managing your risk; staying healthy, wise and stress free; effective interviewing and CV strategies; trouble free progression through prevocational training.
Questions and answers from this webinar.

Saying No and Managing Complaints
Have you been asked by patients or your employer to perform procedures beyond your training, qualifications and experience? Do you know the importance of managing a complaint properly? The Dental Board asks that you practice within your training and scope of practice to minimise patient harm and the risk of complaint, claim or investigation. It is OK to say no to your patient or refer them to a colleague- often this may be the most sensible course of action for that particularly demanding patient.

Death – The Final Complication
Understanding the requirements around death certificates and coronial inquests are important issues for practitioners, particularly junior doctors. All jurisdictions require that a death certificate be completed. In certain circumstances deaths are required to be reported to the Coroner and an inquest may be held. Learn about issues surrounding a Medical Certificate of Cause of Death including legal, ethical and moral duties.

Medicare PSR
Many members do not understand their obligations under Medicare and may not realise that when they issue a Private Account or a Bulk Billing charge, they must comply with Medicare regulations and specific legislation. If you don’t comply, you can be accused of inappropriate practice. Medicare conducts regular assessments of the billing of all doctors, specialists, staff specialists, general practitioners and dentists. Medicare can audit any practitioner’s accounts and/or invoke the Practitioner Review Program. Features Dr Bill Coote, the Director of the PSR.

Beyond Negligence – Your Professional Profile
Medical negligence claims are considered by your employer’s insurance arrangement or when in private practice, by MIPS. However, there are personal risks faced by health professionals and these issues of personal responsibility and accountability are examined in this workshop. This includes analysis and discussion of case studies to highlight the risks beyond clinical negligence; exploring the potential for disciplinary actions, negative impact to reputation and how strategies can be adopted to mitigate outcomes.


Extractions Beware the Risks
Dealing with the issue of tooth extraction can be tricky, particularly for inexperienced practitioners. Are there other options? What are the costs involved? What are the risks, has the patient provided proper informed consent and what is best for the patient? MIPS assists many members with claims and complaints around treatment involving extractions. Hear from an expert dento-legal adviser on the strategies to minimise your risk of complaint or claim.