Healthcare practice entity insurances 

To protect members in private practice there are two MIPS insurance policies that are a complimentary part of membership (subject to eligibility).


Practice Entity Cover provides cover for a member’s practice and their practice staff for claims arising from the provision of healthcare services in connection with the practice entity. This policy automatically covers practice entities that meet the policy definition.

 Tick Cyber, Privacy and Media Cover provides cover for a members' practice in connection with cyber risks (eg damages and costs incurred due to viruses, malware, privacy breaches etc).This is an opt in cover but there are no additional costs for eligible entities.

If your practice is eligible for cyber, privacy and media cover you will receive an endorsement on your membership.

Apply for Practice Entity, Cyber,
Privacy and Media cover

Is my practice eligible?

To be eligible for practice entity cover, you must be either:

  • a MIPS member who owns the practice and is the only working practitioner, or
  • part of practice where a majority of owners are MIPS members who are also the majority of working practitioners in the entity.

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Practice Entity cover is designed to protect members from the vicarious liability they may have through ownership and working in a healthcare practice. This cover provides indemnity for the civil liabilities of administrative or other non-AHPRA registered practice staff such as a receptionist or cleaner. It does not cover practice staff that should have independent AHPRA registration such as physiotherapists and nurses.

What does the practice entity policy cover?

Even without treating a patient there is risk of a claim, complaint or legal action being brought against your practice or practice staff. For example, privacy breaches or failure in duty of care may not directly relate to the healthcare provided to a patient but can be the basis of a claim, complaint or legal action.

Practice staff excludes doctors, dentists, allied heath practitioners or any staff that are required to have their own registration, eg a nurse. Staff such as receptionists, dental assistants or technical operators are included, see the definition of practice staff in clause 15.14 of the policy in the Members' Insurance Covers Handbook.

Further information on practice entity cover


What does the cyber policy cover?

MIPS' cyber, privacy and media insurance covers are provided through CFC underwriting. Nowadays, there are heightened risks for small to medium businesses as well as sole traders. You may need to claim under a cyber cover policy for incidents such as:

  • a virus or malware that deletes health records
  • hackers that encrypt data and demand a ransom
  • malware infections contracted through email or browsers that cause software to fail
  • damages connected with privacy breaches (eg theft of credit card details)
  • liability associated with published media (eg printed media and social media)

Further details and examples of cyber cover

Exclusions: Cyber cover excludes cover under the policy for insuring clause 3, sections A, B, D and E & insuring clause 5 including Computer Crime, Identity Theft, Telephone Hacking, Phishing Scams and Technology Errors and Omissions. See the Cyber, Privacy and Media Policy for definitions.