MIPS indemnity cover for practice outside of Australia

Cover under the MIPS Members’ Indemnity Insurance Policy can be extended to members conducting MIPS approved temporary placements outside of Australia except in the US and where US law applies. For example:

  • student activities under appropriate supervision
  • employer indemnified placement (eg employee in a hospital)
  • gratuitous aid healthcare services to disadvantaged locals
  • healthcare services when accompanying an Australian sporting and/or cultural group.

If approved, an endorsement will be placed on your membership to reflect the extension of cover, which may result in an additional fee.

Members are reminded that there is a requirement they have the appropriate recognised qualifications, training and experience for the healthcare services they provide or supervise. They must comply with the laws of the place where the healthcare services are provided or studies undertaken, including registration obligations and/or requirements.

Complete the following online forms for indemnity cover for practice outside of Australia. Cover is subject to individual member application and approval.

You may also contact MIPS for assistance on 1800 061 113.

Members undertaking approved placements outside of Australia may then also be eligible for travel cover extension through the Personal Accident Policy. Please refer to the Membership benefits Handbook (PDS) and Members’ Insurance Covers Handbook for full terms, conditions and exclusions.