Download and use the MIPS logo

If you are a student group and have organised MIPS sponsorship of your events or organisation, you can use the MIPS logo on your material. To make life easy we've prepared some guidelines and provided downloads of the logo in various formats. Please take care to represent our logo well. We love the MIPS brand, take pride in it and are proud to share it with student organisations and other organisations we sponsor.

Which file format do I need?


PNG files are often used by web developers. Use these files if you are uploading the MIPS logo to a webpage. PNG files support transparent backgrounds so you can overlay the logo on your background and avoid a box effect.


RGB format JPEGS are just for on-screen use. You can use these logos to upload to a website or for PDF publications you expect people to download and or view online.

MIPS colors

Pantone: 3295
C: 100% M: 0% Y: 53% K: 21%
R: 5 G: 141 B: 127

Pantone: Cool Grey 6
C: 37% M: 30% Y: 29% K: 0%
R: 165 G: 164 B: 167

Usage guidelines

Clear space

Clear space must be maintained around the logo which is no less than one and a half times the width of the dot over the ‘i’ in the logotype. This applies equally to both the vertical and horizontal stack formats of the logo.

Preferred format and size

The preferred format is the vertical stack and the preferred minimum size for reproduction of the logo is 35mm in width or 99 pixels for digital applications. In some cases, for example website footers, it may be necessary to use a smaller logo. Please take care to represent our brand well. We’d do the same with yours.