Cyber security - Are you prepared?
5 Jun 2017
Australian Healthcare practices storage of health records means mandatory obligations apply and there is a heightened risk from cyber-attack. Regardless of whether you use electronic or hard-copy records, the code of conduct for both dental and ...
Breathe easier
4 Jun 2017
One of the easiest and most effective ways to ease stress at work is to simply take a deep breath. By focusing on your breath, from slowing it down and breathing from your diaphragm to visualisation and meditation, you can relax your mind and bo ...
Email and SMS communication
2 Jun 2017
Healthcare is now experiencing a rapid increase in the use of email and text messaging to communicate with patients. There are benefits to the use of such technology to both the patient and to the health practitioner.
Towards safer diagnosis - a team effort
1 Jun 2017
“Diagnosis is one of the most complex and challenging tasks facing physicians. Despite our best intentions and efforts, the rate of diagnostic error in medicine is in the range of 10–15%.” The definition of a diagnostic error from a patient’s ...
Premium vs budget hospital cover
1 Jun 2017
Private health insurance is almost always offered in varying levels of cover which translates to cost. There are merits and risks in purchasing a product that has less cover as well as good arguments for purchasing premium cover.
Pitfalls to avoid when buying health insurance
1 Jun 2017
If you’ve done a cursory glance of health insurance in Australia then you’ll see some common options. Almost all the providers offer both hospital and hospital + extras cover as standard options. Most range from budget through to premium cover a ...
Check in with your mates
1 Jun 2017
Watching a friend, family member or colleague suffer is tough. Learn how to start the conversation around mental health when the person affected isn’t a patient. Start a conversation Have you noticed someone around you acting a little diff ...
All aboard - medical ship in New Guinea
29 May 2017
Dr Ivan Parise was fortunate enough to be part of about 100 people aboard a medical ship that the organisation YWAM takes from Townsville to Papua New Guinea every year.
'Tagged' competition winner
8 May 2017
In 2016, Nish Nayar entered the MIPS 'You've been tagged' competition and won a $1000 voucher towards his elective. Here is his account of that elective.
Kenya - my other home
7 Apr 2017 by Emmanuel Ndayisaba
The last time I left Kenya was December 2010, when my family was being resettled in Adelaide as refugees. We had been living there for 14 years. All this time, we lacked the most basic human rights, we could not pursue higher education or get a ...