To share or not to share
5 Dec 2016
While in boarding school in the Indian foothills in the eighties, a friend of a friend took very ill. The doctors diagnosed and treated this patient for an Indian strain of Malaria. The boy was fourteen years old and none of the treatments seeme ...
Locum indemnity
5 Dec 2016
The advice MIPS provides in the first instance is straightforward: You should confirm with the hospital or agency if the position is employer indemnified. If the locum work is not employer indemnified, then you will need to obtain your own indep ...
After hours GP follow up
5 Dec 2016 by Dr Rob Walters
Recent implications by some GP after hours providers that the patient's usual GP bears the responsibility for the follow up and communication of any investigation results to the patient, arising from tests ordered by that after hours provider is ...
Reset and recover - your wellbeing
1 Dec 2016
Summer’s here! You've been locked away studying for your exams and now they are all over, how do you unwind? #treatyourself We all need to be reminded about what we can do to make our lives easier even if those things might sometimes seem obv ...
Cosmetic procedures – important update
29 Aug 2016
The new guidelines to take effect from 1 October 2016 are designed to keep patients safe, without imposing an unreasonable regulatory burden on practitioners. They apply to all medical practitioners, including specialist plastic surgeons, cosmet ...
Indemnity 101
29 Aug 2016
We have outlined some of the key reasons why healthcare students may need indemnity cover. Healthcare students may be subject to a complaint, investigation or legal action as a result of their involvement in the healthcare they provide. Indem ...
Dentists: Be present
29 Aug 2016 by Dr Pip Robinson
At the recent Australian Dental Students Association Convention attending dental students were asked prior to the event to put forward a number of questions to the MIPS presenters. This proved to be a very engaging exercise and gave us the op ...
A better way to practice: Wellness
29 Aug 2016 by Dr Justine Tuffley
With R U OK Day (8 September 2016) around the corner, we thought it would be timely to remind all our members about the importance of managing stress in their personal and professional lives. As we know stress is an integral part of the life of ...
A touchy subject
29 Aug 2016 by Dr Nichola Davis
The MIPS clinico-legal adviser’s line receives calls daily regarding intimate examinations that have gone wrong. At a minimum, the result is the breakdown of the patient - doctor relationship. At worst the consequences are much more serious and ...
The coroner and you
26 May 2016
The role of the coroner in relation to suicide is to confirm the identity of the deceased; how the death occurred and the cause of death. In some cases the coroner may comment and make recommendations aimed at helping to prevent similar deaths f ...