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Real Time Prescription Monitoring in your state
1 Jun 2020
“Real Time Prescription Monitoring (RTPM) is a computer system that aims to reduce misuse of controlled medicines in Australia. It will alert prescribers and pharmacists to a patient’s medication history before they write or dispense prescriptio ...
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Telehealth and the effective delivery of healthcare
28 May 2020
With the increasing need for telehealth services in primary care, hospitals and within many specialties, some healthcare practitioners are navigating through unknown territory. This type of provision of distance care is used to ensure improved h ...
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Communication - It doesn't have to be so clincial
28 May 2020
Only secondary to patient injury, the legal consequences of ineffective communication in healthcare settings can be calamitous. Medical claims and complaints can also be attributed to non-technical skills such as communication, leading to misund ...
Using the new MBS telehealth item numbers
11 May 2020
Using the new MBS telehealth item numbers to care for patients from home? Here are some of the risks and limitations for medical practitioners
COVID-19 resources
30 Apr 2020
Links to MIPS' FAQS and other information about the Novel coronavirus (2019-nCOV) and COVID-19
How we're assisting members during COVID-19
29 Apr 2020
Membership fee freeze and other assistance for members during COVID-19
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How to handle negative comments online
26 Apr 2020
Seeing online negative feedback relating to you as a professional or your practice can cause significant stress and frustration, but think twice before you make any rash decisions to edit or delete. This will not be looked upon favourably.
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Online or offline you are still a healthcare practitioner
24 Apr 2020
Regardless of our interactions with and stance on social media, from compulsive over sharers to social media ghosts, you will be hard pressed to find yourself leading an anonymous life online as we can all be somehow inter-connected via people w ...
Are you eligible for PSS subsidy?
26 Feb 2020
The Premium Support Scheme (PSS) is an Australian government initiative designed to help medical practitioners with the cost of their medical indemnity insurance. MIPS administers the scheme on behalf of the government for eligible members.
Mandatory reporting 101
26 Feb 2020
All practitioners have a professional and ethical obligation to protect and promote public health and safe healthcare and under the National Law. Health practitioners, employers and education providers have mandatory reporting responsibilities. ...