A young doctor's advice
4 Dec 2017
Life as a junior doctor can be tough. Especially as an intern. Indeed, it’s often the intern or resident (RMO) who has the closest patient contact under a team and acts as the first port of call when things go awry.
Are you meeting AHPRA's indemnity requirements?
1 Dec 2017
What happens if I don't have adequate indemnity cover? Healthcare practitioners in Australia are not allowed to be 'under-insured' as this contravenes the AHPRA registration requirement for practitioners to have appropriate indemnity cover for ...
A facelift for cosmetic regulations
1 Dec 2017
The Queensland Government is restricting the location where doctors may perform major cosmetic surgery such as facelifts, tummy tucks, breast or penis enlargements, deltoid or bicep implants and other procedures.
AHPRA chaperone recommendations
28 Nov 2017
The Medical Board of Australia (MBA) and the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency released a status report on 4 August 2017, on the implementation of the recommendations from the Independent review of the use of chaperones.
mental health
The mind matters
21 Nov 2017
Tomorrow’s future healthcare practitioners represent a subgroup of the medical profession who are increasingly facing greater risk of poor mental health.
Will the Government keep the PSS?
16 Oct 2017
MIPS has submitted a response to the Department of Health on behalf of members as part of the First Principles Review of the indemnity Insurance Fund. The First Principles Discussion Paper poses questions in respect of the various schemes that h ...
Being a Good Samaritan
6 Oct 2017
The provision of healthcare to people in need of urgent medical attention in instances following motor vehicle accidents, at sporting events or during air travel can all be classified as Good Samaritan acts. These occurrences can take place both ...
Dentistry - A risky business
1 Sep 2017
As a young dentist, you need to have a well-balanced set of skills and knowledge. It can get frustrating but remember that practice makes perfect because hand skills take time to develop.
Volunteering in Mongolia
29 Aug 2017
Dr Douthwaite is a MIPS member and NSW State Leader for Scouts Australia and with MIPS' support recently accompanied scouts to the World Jamboree in Mongolia as Team Doctor.
Why does your Credit Score matter
29 Aug 2017
Credit scores allow companies to make a quick informed decision about the likelihood of a potential customer repaying a loan or meeting monthly repayments such as on a phone or utility contract. It is not just about whether they will offer you f ...