Check in with your mates
1 Jun 2017
Watching a friend, family member or colleague suffer is tough. Learn how to start the conversation around mental health when the person affected isn’t a patient. Start a conversation Have you noticed someone around you acting a little diff ...
All aboard - medical ship in New Guinea
29 May 2017
Dr Ivan Parise was fortunate enough to be part of about 100 people aboard a medical ship that the organisation YWAM takes from Townsville to Papua New Guinea every year.
'Tagged' competition winner
8 May 2017
In 2016, Nish Nayar entered the MIPS 'You've been tagged' competition and won a $1000 voucher towards his elective. Here is his account of that elective.
Kenya - my other home
7 Apr 2017 by Emmanuel Ndayisaba
The last time I left Kenya was December 2010, when my family was being resettled in Adelaide as refugees. We had been living there for 14 years. All this time, we lacked the most basic human rights, we could not pursue higher education or get a ...
How to identify a financially stable insurer
9 Mar 2017
Insurer security is something that healthcare practitioners ought to consider when choosing their indemnity insurer. Some practitioners will recall the ‘calls’ that were made on members by medical defence organisations during the medical indemni ...
All dreams are valid
6 Mar 2017 by Emmanuel Ndayisaba
Born in Rwanda, East Africa, Emmanuel and his family resettled in Adelaide under the humanitarian refugee program. He learnt English and joined the university of Adelaide to study medical science and Public Health. Currently at the University of ...
Cyber cover for practice entity
5 Mar 2017
By 2016, cybercrime had become Australia’s number one economic crime, with cyber-attacks rising 45 per cent in the past year alone.1 Increased connectivity is a double-edged sword; as the business benefits continue to grow, so do the risks assoc ...
Be micro-ambitious
28 Feb 2017 by Dr Lewis Fry
Tim Minchin, in his graduation address to University of Western Australia, said “Be micro-ambitious. Put your head down and work with pride on whatever is in front of you… you never know where you might end up”. I think this is the privilege o ...
lessons- final-year
Lessons from a final year
28 Feb 2017 by Masad Alfayadh
MIPS member and final year student Masad loves every specialty in medicine. However, she loves children and wants a career that will have a tangible impact on the world, so she’s currently choosing between paediatrics and child psychiatry. She i ...
Mandatory reporting for healthcare practitioners
16 Feb 2017
The Privacy Amendment (Notifiable Data Breaches) Bill 2016 has been passed by both houses of Parliament and will soon become law. This places further obligations on healthcare practitioners to report data breaches causing ‘serious harm’ to the O ...