No ED Registrars in Iceland
15 May 2018
Final year medical student at the University of Tasmania (Launceston Clinical School) Just south of the Arctic Circle, Reykjavik is the most northern capital city in the world. I did my elective at the biggest hospital in Iceland, the Landspit ...
Car finance options
2 Apr 2018
Buying a car, especially a brand new one, can be an exciting experience. The likelihood is that you probably won’t buy it outright - what's more likely is that it will be financed. Whether it’s your first ever vehicle, or you’re upgrading to a m ...
Taking out a personal loan
31 Mar 2018
The most basic question you should ask yourself before taking out a personal loan is “Do I need one?”. In general, we need to weigh up the benefits of taking on any new debt and make an informed decision before considering entering into any debt ...
Self-prescribing - illegal in Victoria
29 Mar 2018
In Victoria it is now illegal for a registered medical practitioner to self-prescribe any S4 or S8 medication. If you are prosecuted and found guilty, not only can you (currently) be fined up to $15,857, you may now also have a criminal convicti ...
How to: Surviving internships
3 Mar 2018 by Dr Thomas Campbell
MIPS member and MBBS DPhil Medical Officer, Gold Coast Hospital No one cares if you know the Krebs cycle. No one cares if you’ve memorised Harrison’s or can do a lap appy by yourself, although those skills will eventually prove useful. (Except f ...
Potential exposure to complaints
2 Mar 2018
Are you inadvertently at risk from treating patients located overseas? All members should understand their potential exposure to complaints, claims and regulatory action and their indemnity cover when either deliberately or inadvertently tre ...
Always learning - volunteering in Papua New Guinea
2 Mar 2018
After 15 years of medical training, Rob Mitchell, Senior Registrar tells of his time volunteering in Papua New Guinea with Australian Volunteers International.
Sorry is not a dirty word
2 Mar 2018
It takes insight to accept that we make mistakes and that we learn from them. This is something we learn as children, struggle with in adolescence and still fail to do as adults. For healthcare practitioners, accepting that we make mistakes is e ...
Dealing with bad online reviews
1 Mar 2018
At some point, we have all 'Googled' our names, right? Imagine finding your name along with a star rating on a website accompanied with comments about your professional conduct? Websites such as RateMD, Whitecoat, Facebook and Yellow Pages all o ...
TGA regulated Autologous human cell and tissue products
1 Mar 2018
In December 2017, the Australian Government decided that regulation of autologous human cell and tissue products including stem cell treatments must be implemented. Stem cells have been safely and effectively used to treat disorders of the bloo ...