Does MIPS cover medical repatriation? 

MIPS is aware that the work of some members includes repatriating patients from outside Australia back to Australia. This typically means a doctor is working in at least two jurisdictions and there is a risk, however small, that a claim or complaint could be brought against the doctor in either jurisdiction.


MIPS does provide cover and assistance to members undertaking medical repatriation, however, there are conditions and restrictions. Importantly, MIPS is unable to provide indemnity for members working in the USA or USA territories including American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, United States Minor Outlying Islands and the Virgin Islands.

MIPS has previously assisted members repatriating Australians from locations such as Papua New Guinea and pacific islands including Fiji, Western Samoa and the Solomon Islands.

Benefits of membership will only apply to the provision of healthcare within Australia or its territories or where proceedings are brought within Australian jurisdiction. MIPS membership (including insurance covers) may extend to cover patients being repatriated to Australia. The following requirements apply to cover for medical repatriation to Australia:

  1. You are a current MIPS member; and
  2. the patient is being repatriated into Australia; and 
  3. you have the appropriate qualifications, training and experience for the services that are expected/may be required to be undertaken; and
  4. you are in a MIPS membership classification that provides cover (or you agree to change your membership classification along with any additional payment fee to an appropriate category) necessary for the type of healthcare you expect to provide for the repatriation; and
  5. you confirm that you will not clinically treat or take over care of the patient until the transfer of care from the local health team to yourself at the airport/on the plane
  6. cover is excluded for claims in the United States or where USA law applies.

For any queries or confirmation of cover for a medical repatriation to Australia, submit the following information to 

  • Your name 
  • Nationality of patient
  • Reason (including condition of patient) for repatriation
  • Location of patient
  • Expected date of repatriation and date of arrival into Australia
  • Location where patient will be transported to

Confirmation requests may take up to 3-5 business days.

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