Have you experienced a medico-legal claim, complaint or disciplinary process?

What impact did it have on you? The University of Melbourne is recruiting doctors with a physical or mental illness for a research study into the psychological and emotional impact of medico-legal claims, complaints or disciplinary processes.

Looking for doctors:

  • with a lived experience of cognitive impairment, mental illness or drug or alcohol difficulties
  • who have experienced a medico-legal claim, complaint or disciplinary process in the last two years.

Participants will be required to participate in a fully de-identified interview lasting 90-minutes.

This study has been approved by the University of Melbourne Medicine and Dentistry Human Ethics Sub-Committee.

The reference number is 2056342.1. For more information, please contact Dr Owen Bradfield on +61 3 8344 2178.

See a summary and instructions about how to get involved (PDF)

Further information about the research project.