How we're assisting members
during the COVID-19 pandemic

Membership fee freeze 2020/21

To support MIPS members, MIPS has decided to not apply any increase to the membership classification fee structure which will remain the same as the 2019/20 fee structure. Members that have an increase to their risk profile (billings/practice) or have not reached the mature membership classification fee, will receive an applicable increase, consistent with the 2019/2020 fee structure.

Additional staff

MIPS has increased staff in our Member Services and Professional Services teams to better serve our members in this challenging period. To further support members, we have taken a number of measures and made FAQs and resources available.

My practice and/or billings have materially changed

You should ensure that your membership classification reflects the healthcare you provide both in the current and next membership periods. If the practice you undertake has been materially impacted or you are practising more or less, then complete the Membership Classification (Practice) Update form to advise MIPS, this may impact the membership fee applicable.

COVID-19 liability cover

For the 2019/20 membership period, MIPS has extended cover to members who unknowingly transmit COVID-19 to a person as part of providing healthcare for which you are covered for civil liability. This does not apply where you knew or should reasonably have known that you were infected or failed to comply with an order by any government or statutory authority for the purpose of limiting the spread of COVID-19.

Lobbying for members

MIPS is working with Federal and state health entities, other industry stakeholders and indemnity providers to support the interests of the member base.

Financial hardship

We appreciate that some practitioners may be concerned about upcoming financial commitments. MIPS renewal documentation will be issued in May, one option available to members is to pay your membership fee by monthly instalments at no additional cost. In the event you require assistance with your repayments, MIPS will consider any request for temporary financial hardship in a fair and appropriate manner. Complete a Financial Hardship Request form. 

Pandemic Sub-register

MIPS has waived the membership fee for the 2019/20 period that would normally apply to support those members coming out of retirement to join AHPRA’s pandemic response sub-register. If you intend to extend your practice for more than COVID-19 related work, your circumstances will need to be individually assessed by MIPS and you should complete the Practice Assessment Questionnaire.

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