Membership renewal 2019/2020

Members should have received notification about their membership renewal, you can also access your Member Benefit Statement by logging into My Membership Use your member number or email to login. 

Is your membership classification up to date?

Members should ensure that their membership classification accurately reflects the practice they undertake. Undertaking practice not covered under your membership classification (for example level of ‘private’ billings is understated) may prejudice your rights to insurance cover in the event you require assistance. Before you renew your MIPS membership refer to the Membership Classification Guide to ensure that you are appropriately covered, for the healthcare practice you provide.

You can update details via My Membership or complete the Membership Classification online form.

Ceasing practice in Australia or not renewing with MIPS?

Indemnity cover in Australia is provided under a claims-made policy, this means that if you cease MIPS membership, you will no longer be covered for any new incidents or claims that are subsequently notified even if the incident occurred while you were a member. In order to remain covered you will be required to amend your membership to an appropriate run-off classification or obtain retroactive cover from your new indemnity provider.

If you are ceasing practice in Australia, complete the Ceasing Practice in Australia online form to transition to a run-off membership classification.

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