Self-prescribing - illegal in Victoria 

In Victoria it is now illegal for a registered medical practitioner to self-prescribe any S4 or S8 medication. If you are prosecuted and found guilty, not only can you (currently) be fined up to $15,857, you may now also have a criminal conviction recorded against your name.

Whilst MIPS strongly maintains a stance that it is never acceptable to self-prescribe (and notes the old saying that if you do, you have a fool for a patient) it is essential for those practising in Victoria to understand and comply with this change.

On the health.vic website, it is states that "self-administration and prescribing for personal use is prohibited" in respect of medical practitioners.

Those seeking further clarification, please refer to ss17, 88 and 105 of the Drugs, Poisons and Controlled Substances Regulation 2017 (Vic)


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