Volunteering in Mongolia


Dr Justine Douthwaite
Scouts Australia
NSW State Leader and Team Doctor to the 31st APR Jamboree, Mongolia

I am a NSW State Leader for Scouts Australia and with MIPS' support previously accompanied 300 scouts to the World Jamboree in Japan as Team Doctor for over 3 weeks in 2015.

This trip took us to Beijing, for 3 days, then on the Trans-Mongolian Train for 30 hours into the capital of Mongolia. We spent a week at the Jamboree and with local families. 

The main issues pre-tour were considering infectious disease and water quality; then during the tour broken orthodontic braces, ankles, toenails, contact allergies, wrestling injuries and what will forever more be remembered by me as "The Mongolian Viral V&D Apocalypse of 2017." It was never ending! 

The kids were as always, amazing and I'd like to thank MIPS for their support. Having a doctor along allowed parents to send Scouts with sometimes complex medical conditions along on an extraordinary adventure, which without a doctor, they may have been reluctant to do. 

Like all the voluntary accompanying adults I worked incredibly hard over 17 days, but every moment was magical and definitely worth it. I have volunteered for Scouts Australia for a number of years, but being able to help kids have amazing adventures like these is really special. 

Thanks again MIPS!

If, like Dr Douthwaite, you would like to travel overseas for volunteer or gratuitous work, as part of your membership, MIPS offers free travel cover for approved placements. This cover is extended to any leisure travel you do before or after volunteering. Before you go, contact us at info@mips.com.au or 1800 061 113 to let us know.


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