The falsely accused

Nurse P and PGY3 Dr S have a history of not getting along with each other, Nurse P often made complaints about Dr S’ practice. Including that Dr S recorded a clinical examination in patient notes that had not been performed.

The allegation was escalated to AHPRA who notified Dr S about a professional misconduct complaint. The doctor denied all allegations but the APHRA investigation continued.

After contacting MIPS

Assistance was provided to finalise a response and submissions to the hospital and AHPRA.

MIPS assisted Dr S at an AHPRA hearing, where the matter was successfully defended in that the allegations were unproven (the complaints were in fact false and designed by Nurse P to tarnish the reputation of Dr S). AHPRA determined that there were no findings of misconduct. The associated legal cost was funded by MIPS.

Key messages

  • You will not get on with everyone but try to as best as you can. If you need to escalate a conflict to someone higher up, then you should do so. They may be able to facilitate a way forward to avoid further problems.
  • The Medical Board Code of Conduct states that good relationships with medical colleagues, nurses and other healthcare professionals strengthen the doctor patient relationship and enhances patient care. It is important that you remain professional and put your patients, care at the forefront in all your practice.
  • Registered healthcare practitioners are required by law to report ‘notifiable conduct’ by making a mandatory notification (complaint or concern) to AHPRA. MIPS can advise members in relation to workplace or employment related disputes.
Disclaimer: The materials provided are for educational purposes only. Whilst all reasonable care has been taken in preparing these materials, including the accuracy of the information supplied, MIPS does not accept any liability whatsoever arising out of the use or reliance of the information provided.

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