Health and wellbeing

MIPS is committed to supporting members through their professional and personal challenges by providing resources, advice and support from experienced practitioners.

There are many factors that influence health and wellbeing, including nutrition, physical activity, sleep, coping with stress, financial stability, good relationships and career success.

Health and wellbeing is not just about how we feel but also affects the way we function and participate in the community. Increasing pressures to work longer hours, balance work and personal demands and stressful work environments directly impact the way you provide healthcare. Additionally, healthcare practitioners have a professional obligation to maintain their health to ensure they perform optimally when treating patients.

A healthy and balanced life is fundamental to providing good healthcare.

MIPS has partnered with Australian Unity provide member access to the tools and resources of My Wellness and a discount offer for private health insurance + extras to help maintain your health and wellbeing.

Conduct a detailed online health check and access 6 to 10 week nutritional, physical or mental health programs. 

 My Wellness

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MIPS Members enjoy a 9% discount with Australian Unity for private health insurance*.

Australian Unity

  Health insurance

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Australian Unity Health Limited (Australian Unity) ABN 13 078 722 568 is a registered health insurer. MIPS receives no financial benefit or commission from any health insurance products sold to members.

*9% discount includes all other retail discounts and is only available when paying by direct debit. The discount is not available through brokers or comparators, and excludes Overseas Visitor Cover. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer or discounts

Australian Unity Gift Card & Claim Immediately Offer

19th August – 30th September 2019

gift-card-icon-png-23From 19 August to 30 September 2019, if you are a MIPS member and you join Australian Unity as an eligible new member you will receive a gift card ($200 for couple/family policies/$100 for single policies). You will also receive the Claim Immediately 2 month and optical 6 month extras waiver offer.

To be eligible you must be a new member joining Australian Unity by purchasing a combined hospital and extras policy and remain on an eligible level of cover for 6 weeks from joining. Unless specified, all other waiting periods for all products still apply. Fulfillment of gift cards will take place between 10-12 weeks from join date

See full terms and conditions of the Australian Unity Gift Card & Claim Immediately Offer.

What's in My Wellness?

This is a members only area where you can access:

  • A detailed online health check
  • Eat Well, Be Well program – 8 weeks
  • Less Stress for Life program – 6 weeks
  • 10 weeks to Fit program
  • Recipes and resources on health topics such as sleep, fatigue, nutrition and weight management

Why is health insurance important?

The key purpose of health insurance is to help you pay for the healthcare you need. It is designed to protect you and your family financially not only in the event of an unexpected serious illness or injury but also in maintaining health. Individuals with insurance are likely to get routine and preventive care.

Taking out private health insurance can also help avoid the Medicare Levy Surcharge for those above the income threshold or having to pay a lifetime health cover loading once you have turned 30.