Personal accident policy + travel extension

IMPORTANT: From 1 July 2020, MIPS is extending communicable diseases cover for members who are acquire HIV, Hepatitis B or C to all members and will be included within the Indemnity Policy.

Following feedback, MIPS undertook an assessment of its member benefits (including insurance covers) and simplified its approach. MIPS is refocusing membership benefits on the core insurance coverage healthcare practitioners need and the services members want and use. As result, MIPS has decided to cease offering personal accident insurance as part of membership. MIPS has made some further improvements to the Indemnity Policy and employed more staff to assist with both general enquiries and clinicio-legal issues.

MIPS is currently in discussion with a number of providers and we hope to be able to offer this and other tailored products to those members who need them in the near future.

MIPS membership benefits have been specifically tailored to provide appropriate support to our members providing healthcare, which is why our personal accident policy with travel extension cover relates to the healthcare our members provide. MIPS also has free elective indemnity insurance for students with travel cover.

As a MIPS member under the age of 75, you are automatically covered by the MIPS Members' Personal Accident Policy.

Key covers and benefits include:

  • death benefit of $125,000 (or $200,000 for members of five or more consecutive years of membership)
  • a lump sum payment (benefit varies) for Permanent loss of Health Care Practitioners Board/s Registration/s due to Accident or Sickness
  • funeral expenses of up to $10,000
  • payment of outstanding credit card balance of up to $10,000 if a death benefit is payable
  • Travel extension cover 

Extension of cover for practice outside of Australia

Cover under the MIPS Members’ Indemnity Insurance Policy can be extended to members conducting MIPS approved temporary placements outside of Australia, including:

  • employer indemnified placements (eg employee in a hospital)
  • gratuitous aid healthcare services in a developing country 
  • services when accompanying an Australian sporting and/or cultural group.

Cover is provided for placements in all countries except the US or where US law applies. Cover for placements outside of Australia are subject to the approval of each member’s application and is not automatic. If approved, an endorsement will be placed on your membership to reflect the extension of cover which may result in an additional fee.

Free extension of cover for students

Student members are eligible for free and automatic indemnity for their local and international elective placements. To receive additional free travel cover, you must complete the Student Elective Placement & Travel Cover Application.

Members undertaking approved placements outside of Australia may also be eligible for personal accident and travel benefits:

  • medical expenses up to $2 million for 24 months (and some additional expenses up to $100,000)
  • loss of baggage, traveller’s cheques, travel documents, credit cards up to $10,000
  • kidnap, detention, ransom and extortion up to $500,000
  • hire car excess up to $2,000
  • personal liability up to $1 million
  • extra territorial workers compensation up to $500,000
  • evacuation cover and personal safety up to $25,000
  • replacement staff/recruitment up to $10,000
  • education fund supplement of $15,000 in the event of your death for any dependent children
  • communicable diseases (eg AIDS, HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C) cover of $25,000 for students undertaking MIPS approved electives and recent graduate members providing healthcare in Australia or overseas (cover agreed in writing by MIPS)

The travel extension only applies when the main purpose of your travel is providing healthcare outside Australia for the following:

  • student members undertaking an approved student elective placement 
  • recent graduate members undertaking a clinical placement in an employer indemnified arrangement
  • non-student members providing gratuitous healthcare services (includes cover for any family member travelling with you)

Travel extension is limited to one trip per year. Travel extension for student electives and recent graduate clinical placements is limited to six calendar months cover.

You need to advise MIPS to obtain travel extension cover:

For full details of what the policy covers see the Members’ Insurance Covers Handbook

What's the main purpose of your trip?

Travel extension cover only applies when the main purpose of your trip is providing gratuitous healthcare outside of Australia.

For example if you are undertaking an approved 4 week clinical placement in Fiji, followed by a 1 week holiday, the travel extension will apply to the whole period outside of Australia (5 weeks).



Are you a university student doing an elective?

Your MIPS membership includes free elective indemnity insurance. Indemnity cover is automatically provided but you must apply to receive free travel cover

Student Elective Placement & Travel Cover Application

Personal Accident Policy (including travel cover) FAQ (PDF)