How to pay less interest by consolidating two or more debts
16 Aug 2017
Australia’s appetite for debt is huge. Currently, household debt is 187% of household disposable income and about 20% of middle income Australians have no room in their budget for unexpected expenses.*
Give your relationships a boost
10 Aug 2017
Humans are a social bunch. Even if you’re a classic introvert, you probably have several relationships that add extra value or meaning to your life. It is important to ensure that your relationships at work and at home, are healthy and suppor ...
Sleep on it
10 Aug 2017
Smart phones, iPads, laptops and all things that bleep, ping and flash for our attention are the culprits now impeding our sleep.
Extras vs no extras
10 Aug 2017
If you wear glasses, love massage or find yourself at the osteopath, physio or chiropractor on a regular basis, having extras cover as part of your private health insurance can save you quite a few dollars. For some of us, it’s simply a peace of ...
Working under pressure - a legal hazard
6 Jun 2017
Practicing in the public sector compared to private practice presents different stresses and challenges. For junior practitioners, in particular the former can be very stressful and they may be more vulnerable having little control over their pr ...
Informed consent
5 Jun 2017
The issue of informed consent arises repeatedly in dental cases. More often, the key factor is not the consent process and what was or was not communicated, but rather what was documented in the contemporaneous clinical notes.
Cyber security - Are you prepared?
5 Jun 2017
Australian Healthcare practices storage of health records means mandatory obligations apply and there is a heightened risk from cyber-attack. Regardless of whether you use electronic or hard-copy records, the code of conduct for both dental and ...
Breathe easier
4 Jun 2017
One of the easiest and most effective ways to ease stress at work is to simply take a deep breath. By focusing on your breath, from slowing it down and breathing from your diaphragm to visualisation and meditation, you can relax your mind and bo ...
Email and SMS communication
2 Jun 2017
Healthcare is now experiencing a rapid increase in the use of email and text messaging to communicate with patients. There are benefits to the use of such technology to both the patient and to the health practitioner.
Towards safer diagnosis - a team effort
1 Jun 2017
“Diagnosis is one of the most complex and challenging tasks facing physicians. Despite our best intentions and efforts, the rate of diagnostic error in medicine is in the range of 10–15%.” The definition of a diagnostic error from a patient’s ...