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AHPRA Annual Report 2019-2020
19 Nov 2020
The most common types of complaints against medical and dental healthcare practitioners were regarding clinical care with the former registering 54.2% and the latter 62.0% of their respective practitioner numbers. The number of medical practitio ...
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Why should I insure my clinic
18 Nov 2020
Practice indemnity (or medical/dental malpractice insurance) should be a part of any business risk management strategy to protect what you have worked so hard to build.
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Navigating fitness to drive assessment
18 Nov 2020
The complexities of assessing an older patient’s fitness to drive coupled with laws which differ across the states and territories make this a challenging task for healthcare practitioners.
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22% of all cyber security breaches within healthcare
18 Nov 2020
Once an individual’s health information is breached it can be used for a variety of crimes from identity theft to medical fraud. An individual’s health information is valued at a significantly higher value on the dark web than a credit card numb ...
Graduating with hope
18 Nov 2020
Graduating from medical school is a milestone worth celebrating in any year. Fellow students in this class of 2020 should be incredibly proud of their perseverance; surviving the year is a noteworthy achievement in and of itself.
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Three years on from AHPRA’s chaperone review
18 Nov 2020
Among other things, the Chaperone Report recommended that the use of mandated chaperones as an interim restriction in response to allegations of sexual misconduct be abandoned and replaced by other immediate action conditions such as gender-base ...
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IMEs - Tips for improved health assessments
17 Nov 2020
Injuries and illness are significant public health concerns. An assessment by a healthcare practitioner is often required when individuals make a claim on a variety of insurance policies covering items such as accidents, illnesses, disability or ...
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AHPRA updates Code of conduct
5 Oct 2020
The latest version of Good medical practice: a code of conduct for doctors in Australia effective from 01 October 2020 aims to provide clearer instructions and better explanations to healthcare practitioners of expected professional standards wi ...
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Raising standards of care and decision making
6 Sep 2020
There is a global paucity of scientific data in relation to patient outcomes from appearance altering procedures. Validated clinical assessment and decision support tools are not available. This creates risks for both patients and surgeons
Telehealth - Beware the risks
3 Sep 2020
COVID-19 has accelerated the need for telehealth services in the community and with its increased usage has exposed the risks associated with ‘distanced’ healthcare delivery. Despite the ease of access and convenience telehealth provides, the on ...