breast screen1
Radiological improvement on the horizon
28 May 2019
DetectED-X is a new University of Sydney spin-off company aiming to improve radiologic detection of disease. It is developing educational, web-based programs focussing on breast and lung radiologic test sets.
To swab or not to swab
24 May 2019
Doctors will already be familiar with the single gene tests for inherited disorders such as BRCA mutations, however, tests sequencing far more of a person’s DNA or in fact the entire genome are becoming more common and are available to the gener ...
Medevac Bill
9 May 2019
The Bill will allow for medical evacuations from Manus Island and Nauru where doctors are of the opinion that it is necessary to evacuate a detainee from either of those islands in order to provide appropriate treatment in Australia, which the p ...
Always question - tests, treatments and procedures
28 Feb 2019
The following are recommendations when prescribing to patients from the National Prescribing Service (NPS) MedicineWise developed in partnership with Australia’s health professional colleges, societies and associations. It enables clinicians to ...
Social media dos and don'ts
27 Feb 2019
It’s easy to assume that getting caught out on social media and social networking sites won’t happen to you. We have heard people say, “I’m hardly ever on Facebook”, “I only share information with friends” etc., but there are hundreds of social ...
Is your membership classification correct?
27 Feb 2019
Undertaking practice not covered under your membership classification (for example level of ‘private’ billings stated) may prejudice your rights to the benefits of membership including insurance cover in the event you require assistance. To ensu ...
Medicinal Cannabis - A Hazy Issue
26 Feb 2019
MIPS has been made aware that practitioners may be prescribing, are considering prescribing or have been approached for prescriptions of medicinal cannabis. The Therapeutic Goods Administration has tightened regulations around the prescribing o ...
Are you eligible for PSS subsidy?
26 Feb 2019
The Premium Support Scheme (PSS) is an Australian government initiative designed to help medical practitioners with the cost of their medical indemnity insurance. MIPS administers the scheme on behalf of the government for eligible members.
Pill testing at festivals
21 Feb 2019
Practitioners considering involvement in any aspect of pill testing need to ensure the work they are doing is legal and covered by professional indemnity. Although there is some community support including from the Australian Medical Associatio ...
Reflecting on dealing with legal stuff after forty years
18 Dec 2018
Associate Professor of Paediatrics UNSW, David McDonald tells of his career in the medical field and how some of the things he has learned along the way may help MIPS members .