Record high notifications to AHPRA
4 Dec 2018
The three most common complaints were about clinical care (41.1%), medication issues (12.6%) and health impairment (8.9%). The remaining complaints were about communication, documentation, behaviour, boundary violations, offences against other l ...
Want to see change? Make it a habit
3 Dec 2018
Helping people establish healthy behaviours is a practice GPs are familiar with. Habits are incredibly powerful, but can be challenging for individuals to establish – how often do you see good intentions fall down by a lack of consistent action? ...
Getting hired and getting noticed at work
28 Nov 2018
All healthcare practitioners should be employees of substance. How can you be recognised as a high performer and avoid red flags that could dent your prospects of that dream registrar position or senior dentist role you’ve set your sights on?
Does MIPS cover medical repatriation?
28 Nov 2018
MIPS is aware that the work of some members includes repatriating patients from outside Australia back to Australia. This typically means a doctor is working in at least two jurisdictions and there is a risk, however small, that a claim or compl ...
Assisting at sporting events
28 Nov 2018
Right across Australia, MIPS members can often be called upon to assist at sporting events either in a paid capacity or as a volunteer. The onus is on members to ensure they have appropriate indemnity cover in place in the event their provision ...
Internship: What to expect
28 Nov 2018
Sally Wark graduated from Adelaide Medical School in 2017 and completed her internship at the Royal Adelaide Hospital this year, where she will commence her Basic Physician Training in 2019. As an intern working in South Australia I've learne ...
Treating friends, family and yourself
15 Oct 2018
The practice of treating friends and family is not recommended and there have been cases where it has led to disciplinary actions by the regulators including conditions placed on practitioner’s registration.
Smart time management for healthcare practitioners
12 Sep 2018
Poor time management means patients are kept waiting. You get stressed. Work becomes less enjoyable. Stress builds, you lose your sense of humour and you can’t seem to find the time for family, exercise and sleep.
How to future proof your business
10 Sep 2018
Healthcare professionals have largely been shielded from the disruption visited upon those working in many other industries. But Mahesh Roy, National Segment Head of Healthcare at Macquarie Business Banking, says the disruption that’s agitated s ...
Increasing financial literacy is critical now more than ever
3 Sep 2018
MIPS is concerned that even healthcare practitioners with high financial literacy may have fallen victim to the misconduct of financial institutions. It is a good time to reassess investments and the quality of financial advice received. MIPS ha ...