Telehealth and indemnity cover

MIPS members might be required to provide telehealth at some point in their careers. Under MIPS' Indemnity Insurance Policy, telehealth is covered, however subject to defined guidelines. In most cases you do not need to contact MIPS to request assessment and approval, but in some cases, this may be a requirement. The FAQs below outline MIPS' position on indemnity and telehealth. If your question relates to COVID-19, see our feature article COVID-19 update for practitioners


Does MIPS provide cover for telehealth?

MIPS Membership benefits (including insurance covers) extend to technology-based health services subject to the following guidelines:

  • You and the patient are located in Australia
  • Your practice is in accordance with AHPRA's and specialist colleges' requirements, guidelines and advice. See Telehealth FAQs
  • You hold current AHPRA healthcare practitioner registration
  • You have appropriate training, experience and qualifications for the healthcare activities undertaken by you
  • You have an appropriate MIPS membership classification for the healthcare activities undertaken by you

Do I need to contact MIPS if I provide telehealth?

If you do not meet the guidelines above or have a query about telehealth and the services you provide, complete an online Practice Assessment Questionnaire for individual assessment.

Does MIPS cover COVID-19 telehealth?

The benefits of MIPS membership including insurance covers extend to COVID 19 related telehealth irrespective of billing practice (subject to above guidelines). See the COVID-19 FAQs.

What guidelines must I be aware of and be familiar with?

You should be aware of, and be familiar with the following requirements when considering participating in telehealth services:

  • You must have appropriate recognised registration, qualifications, training and experience for the health services you provide.
  •  You are expected to consult and practice in accordance with AHPRA codes and guidelines
  •  You are required to consult and practice in accordance with your relevant collegiate guidelines and standards.
  •  You are expected to consult and practice in accordance with the Medicare Guidelines and standards in respect of rebateable telehealth consultations located at Medicare Australia

What are the exclusions when undertaking telehealth services?

Member benefits (including insurance covers) will not apply if you are undertaking services outside of the guidelines of these FAQs, your nominated membership category, AHPRA registration, or your training, qualification/s and experience.

Do my services meet the requirements for ‘physical examination’? (Not applicable to Coronaviris COVID telehealth)

As outlined in section 2 of Guidelines on Technology-based patient consultations from the Medical Board of Australia, practitioners should “make a judgement about the appropriateness of a technology-based patient consultation and in particular, whether a direct physical examination is necessary”.

Where a direct physical examination is necessary and you conduct telehealth, you must ensure that the patient’s GP is present and that you either:

  • Arrange for an equally well qualified and experienced practitioner to see the patient in person, or
  • you see the patient in person at the initial consultation or the earliest opportunity commensurate with the patient’s health and then use telehealth for ongoing management.

What if I treat a patient located outside of Australia?

In a telehealth consultation, the healthcare service is considered to be located in the country of the patient NOT the practitioner. Your membership benefits (including insurance covers) will not extend to any claim for or arising out of or in connection with the provision of healthcare outside of Australia or its Territories unless agreed in writing by MIPS.

What if I am located outside of Australia when I provide telehealth?

In a telehealth consultation, the healthcare service is considered to be located in the country of the patient NOT the practitioner, however, in the event that a practitioner is not located in Australia when providing telehealth services to a patient located in Australia, members should submit information in writing to MIPS for assessment and clarification.

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