MIPS provides insurance and support relevant to healthcare practitioners. The primary insurance cover that is part of MIPS membership is indemnity insurance that meets the AHPRA requirements for healthcare practitioners. This is made available as part of MIPS membership but you can also acquire other insurance covers with MIPS’s assistance relevant to your practice.

MIPS membership is only available to AHPRA registered medical, dental and nuclear medicine technologist practitioners, or students studying courses that leave to registration to these disciplines.

Indemnity insurance cover

The Indemnity Insurance Policy provides you with cover for any acts, errors or omissions you make in providing healthcare. This means that should there be a complaint, claim, investigation or legal action made against you, then you can notify MIPS. This includes being sued (ie litigation). The legal defence costs and any further costs such as damages you are required to pay due to a settlement or court order are paid by MIPS provided they fall within the scope of the policy.

See the Member Handbook combined PDS and FSG for details.

If you are making a healthcare / medical indemnity insurance comparison consider Why MIPS is different and try to understand indemnity in detail

What about risks my insurance doesn’t cover?

MIPS membership also includes MIPS Assist, which is an additional discretionary cover for non-insurance risks related to your work. See MIPS Assist for more details.