Insurance covers

MIPS provides three key insurance covers. All insurance covers are included as membership benefits – you do not need to apply for them separately.

Indemnity Insurance Policy

Cover for claims arising out of the provision of healthcare to an individual for up to $20 million

The key benefits you receive are:

  • cover to $20 million for a single claim or aggregate for multiple claims, within the policy period (ie financial year).
  • cover exceeding the minimum indemnity requirements of the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency (AHPRA)
  • NO sub-limits for costs, including legal costs for any claim you make
  • retroactive cover for healthcare provided in previous years
  • cover for overseas placements on application

If eligible you can also claim a Premium Support Scheme (PSS) subsidy which will lower your membership fee.

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Practice Entity Insurance Policy

If you run and own your own practice, or perhaps you and your business partner jointly own and work in a practice, then it is likely you are eligible for cover under the MIPS Members’ Practice Entity Insurance Policy as part of your MIPS membership. 

This policy provides you with cover for claims arising from the provision of healthcare services in connection with your practice’s business operation, for example your reception staff and assistants. 

Examples of eligible practice entity structures.

To be eligible for this cover, the practice must meet the definition in the Members’ Insurance Covers Handbook shown in clause 15.13 of the ‘Members’ Practice Entity Insurance Policy’.

Student members are not eligible for cover under this policy.

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Personal Accident Policy

The Personal Accident Policy provides you with cover for sickness, injury, disablement, loss of AHPRA registration and travel insurance for gratuitous healthcare and electives. This cover is part of your membership, you do not need to apply for it separately.

Benefits vary according to duration and category of membership and only apply to members under age 75. Student members and recent graduate members receive cover for communicable diseases (eg AIDS, HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C).


See the Membership Benefits Handbook for an explanation of membership benefits including insurance covers and see the Members’ Insurance Covers Handbook for the policy wording.


Insurance Policies

The three insurance policies that are a benefit of membership are the Members': 

Indemnity Insurance Policy
Practice Entity Insurance Policy
Personal Accident Policy


Membership Benefits Handbook
Members' Insurance Covers Handbook