Recent dental graduates

Are you graduating this year or have you graduated in the last three years? You may be eligible for membership with a recent graduate basis which has a low membership fee to support young professionals in the early stages of their career. You are not eligible for a recent graduate basis if you have commenced a dental specialist training program.

Junior dental practitioners are at far greater risk of complaints, claims and investigations than their medical counterparts at the same stage of their careers. Dentists face heightened risks because they can easily work unsupervised unlike doctors in hospitals or they may be working in rural areas where it is not possible to refer to an experienced colleague easily. This makes MIPS membership all the more important, for both the indemnity insurance cover and the 24-hour Clinico-Legal Support provided.

You can apply for the new dental graduate category anytime in your final year of study. Membership for new dental graduates is free from when you complete your studies to the next 30 June.

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Oral health practitioners

It's true...

MIPS membership for recent graduates includes fully comprehensive medical indemnity insurance to $20 million that exceeds AHPRA requirements, which is the same value and standard provided to mature practitioners conducting higher risk practice. This cover applies equally to all members regardless of whether you paid a membership fee.

You have a choice

Many dental professionals choose to join MIPS and still keep their membership with the ADA or DHAA. You can opt out of paying indemnity with other organisations and just have your indemnity through MIPS – this way you don’t pay twice for indemnity cover.

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Finance for your needs

MIPS has partnered with Eclipx to help meet some of the common needs of healthcare professionals.

The program takes an innovative approach to providing finance options at various career stages.

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Access to a simple personal loan of $20,000 to finance your re-location for work, debt consolidation or other purpose

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