What cover is available to me?

GPs are the beating heart of medical care in Australia and MIPS has thousands of GP members. If you are like many GPs and work in a small private practice you may like to take advantage of both MIPS’ accredited risk education and practice entity and cyber policies, which includes GP practice insurance.

GPs have a variety of talents, so we have a variety of different categories to account for GPs who have a speciality in amongst their day to day practice (eg minor cosmetics, anaesthetics, obstetrics). Additionally, because practice between GPs can vary considerably, GPs are divided into procedural and non-procedural so you pay a membership fee commensurate with your risk exposure.

There are three categories for GP members:

  • GP non procedural
  • GP procedural
  • GP procedural including anaesthetics and/or obstetrics

Additionally you can request an endorsement for minor cosmetics or other procedures for which you hold appropriate training and qualifications.

Note: Skin flaps and grafts and shared antenatal care are permitted under GP categories within limits. See the Membership Benefits Handbook for details.

Practice entity and cyber policy

The MIPS Members’ Practice Entity and Cyber Policy is a popular addition for GPs operating their own small private practice. MIPS GP practice insurance was specially designed to support practitioners who own and operate their own practice independently or with a small number of other practitioners. This is an automatic benefit of membership – you do not need to apply for it separately and there is no additional cost.


Risk education

Complete on-demand CPD with 1-2hr online modules, 1 hour webinars or workshops in Spring and Autumn each year.

Currently, all of MIPS’ risk education workshops, webinars and online units that are suitable for medical practitioners that are accredited by the RACGP under category 2 in the RACGP’s QI & CPD program.