MIPS membership benefits have been tailored for healthcare practitioners and we provide the best indemnity insurance in Australia. We have simplified our approach to comprehensive cover for our members which are delivered through the Indemnity Insurance Policy and MIPS Assist.

Comprehensive indemnity insurance cover for claims made against you arising out of the provision of healthcare to patients. The limit of cover under the Indemnity Insurance Policy is $20 million. There are no standard excess or pre-set cover sub limits.

MIPS Assist, a unique benefit which provides discretionary assistance for your clinical activities not otherwise covered by insurance (eg assisting you with a dispute with a colleague, employer or regulator)

24hr Medico-Legal Advice and Support, by independent and experienced expert healthcare professionals

Accredited professional development (CPD) including workshops, webinars and on-demand education and resources

Indemnity for approved healthcare placements outside of Australia

Discounted private health insurance as well as access to the My Wellness website where you can obtain nutritional, physical and mental health programs and also perform an online health check


Tools and resources to assist with financial literacy


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Other features of membership

  • Hospital or employer indemnified placements
  • Services when accompanying an Australian sporting or cultural group
  • Gratuitous aid healthcare in a developing country
  • Cover for students undertaking an elective, both local and international
  • Administrative staff and assistants cover (eg practice managers, receptionists and assistants) in relation to your healthcare practice
  • Communicable diseases cover for AIDS, HIV and Hepatitis B and C
  • Support and assistance for members in an employer indemnified job (eg salaried medical officer in a public hospital)
  • Indemnity pursuit assistance to ensure you receive the indemnity your entitled to from your employer or other organisation
  • Provision of telehealth (healthcare provided over the internet, by video conference or telephone in Australia)
  • Cover for prescription of drugs registered under the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989 (Cth)
  • Cover for any claim, investigation or proceeding arising out of the importation, manufacture, distribution or sale of any product (dental practitioners only)
  • Pay your membership fee by monthly instalments (at no additional cost)

This is a summary only, you should read the full list of member benefits, including any terms and conditions which are outlined in the Member Handbook including the indemnity insurance policy.