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Whether you are coming to Australia to work or study, be it short term or permanently as either a healthcare practitioner or student, you can apply for MIPS membership. Even if you are in Australia to undertake a supervised observership you can still apply for MIPS membership.

When you first arrive in Australia, you must register with the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency (AHPRA) before commencing healthcare practice. Initially you will be placed in a provisional category (ie awaiting registration) by AHPRA and you may have to complete an equivalency test before being considered ‘qualified’ to provide healthcare in Australia.

It is Australian law that all healthcare practitioners have indemnity insurance cover. MIPS provides medical indemnity insurance for doctors, dentists and nuclear medicine technologists as part of membership. Visit DoctorConnect for more information about the steps required for you to work as a practitioner in Australia.

Which situation describes you?

International Practitioner Awaiting AHPRA Registration

If you are an international healthcare practitioner undertaking relevant Australian qualifications but currently not qualified to practice in Australia you can apply for membership via our online Application for International Practitioner Awaiting AHPRA Registration form.

I have already obtained AHPRA registration

Once in receipt of your Australian registration, members in this category should contact MIPS so they can move to an appropriate new category. You can complete the full Membership Application form. If you would like to find out the cost of membership, request a quote.

If you are an international student, you can apply for cover for an elective you are undertaking in Australia using our online application form.

What is professional indemnity insurance?

MIPS' indemnity insurance policy provides cover for any acts, errors or omissions you make in providing healthcare. This means that should there be a complaint, claim, investigation or legal action made against you, then you can notify MIPS. This includes being sued (ie litigation). The legal defence costs and any further costs such as damages you are required to pay due to a settlement or court order are paid by MIPS provided they fall within the scope of the policy.

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MIPS Members enjoy a 9% discount with Australian Unity for private health insurance*.

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Australian Unity Health Limited (Australian Unity) ABN 13 078 722 568 is a registered health insurer. MIPS receives no financial benefit or commission from any health insurance products sold to members.

*9% discount includes all other retail discounts and is only available when paying by direct debit. The discount is not available through brokers or comparators, and excludes Overseas Visitor Cover. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer or discounts