Indemnity insurance policy

Personalised protection with experienced foresight

By choosing MIPS, you’ll reinforce your sense of confidence with a partner that understands your unique needs. We’re a member-owned medical defence organisation operating on behalf of its members. This means our priority is to protect you and your professional reputation with comprehensive insurance cover, expert advice, and personalised support.

Comprehensive cover

Our indemnity insurance policy supports where, how, and what you practise. 

Our cover of up to $20 million for claims against you exceeds Ahpra requirements, providing cover for claims arising from your provision of healthcare including: 

  • civil liability claims, such as when you are sued and require legal representation to defend yourself and/or are required to pay compensation
  • legal costs of defence and representation for investigations, proceedings, and other types of disputes
  • legal costs for certain types of employment and pursuit matters.

We understand that insurance can seem complex, that’s why we’re committed to helping and supporting you when you need it the most. We’ve simplified our Product Disclosure Statement (see the Member Handbook) and updated our insurance coverage to better reflect the changing needs of our members. The new categories and procedures we’ve incorporated reflect current healthcare practices.

See the table below for a snapshot of where and what you may be covered for under our policy.

Area of Cover



Civil Liability

Adverse clinical outcomes


No sub-limit

Breach of privacy


No sub-limit

Telehealth consultations


No sub-limit

Supervising others


No sub-limit

Reporting others


No sub-limit

Clinical trials and research projects


No sub-limit

Medical retrievals and repatriation


No sub-limit

Professional and Disciplinary Matters

Regulatory processes


No sub-limit

Coronial and other public inquiries


No sub-limit

Criminal matters



Medicare investigations and audits


No sub-limit

Other billing investigations and audits


No sub-limit

Removal from proceedings


No sub-limit

Statutory breaches


No sub-limit

Mandatory reporting


No sub-limit

Employment, Training and University Disputes

Employment contracts and credentialling disputes


$100,000 combined sub-limit

Workplace bullying or harassment  


Training program, professional association and university disputes


Pursuit Matters

Defamation pursuit



($20,000 excess)

Pursuit of indemnity 


 No sublimit

Personal safety pursuit



Pursuing an objection to a subpoena


 No sub-limit

Removal of restrictions on registration


 No sub-limit

Additional Covers

Practice entity and staff 


 No sub-limit

Contagious disease



Cover for Students

Student Members


As above

*Sub-limits apply per Claim and in the aggregate for all Claims notified to Us in the Period of Insurance for each clause or group of clauses under an area of cover. The sub‑limits shall be part of and not in addition to the maximum sum insured under this Policy. 

*You should read the Member Handbook Combined Product Disclosure Statement and Financial Services Guide for all the terms, conditions, limits, and exclusions of the cover we are offering as part of your MIPS Membership and consider if this product will meet your needs.

Why choose MIPS?

As a MIPS Member, you belong to a supportive community that helps you navigate the opportunities and challenges of your career. In addition to your indemnity insurance cover, benefits of membership include: 

Expert medico-legal advice and support 24/7

Protect yourself and your career with confidential and expert advice on medico-legal risks, and how to respond to claims and complaints. 

Professional development

Enhance your preparedness for unexpected events with our accredited continuing professional development (CPD) risk education training and other learning opportunities. Our modules enhance your skills and meet your college and Ahpra CPD requirements.

Partnerships and activism 

We’ve partnered with other service providers to offer you additional benefits for services such as discounted for health insurance with Australian Unity and additional civil liability insurance through Aon. We work hard to build these partnerships to offer our members a greater range of benefits. 

We also support our members though our work in advocating for fairness and quality in the healthcare system, lobbying and negotiating with policy makers and regulators for members' collective interests.

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MIPS membership ceases at 30 June each year. Check with your existing provider for cancellation fees. You can pay your membership fee by monthly instalments at no additional cost.

Insurance cover is subject to the terms, conditions, and exclusions of the policy. The information provided is general advice only and does not consider your personal circumstances or needs. You should review the Member Handbook Combined PDS and FSG and/or contact MIPS on 1800 061 113, before making a decision. Information is current as at the date published.