Students studying medicine, dentistry, oral health or other healthcare disciplines such as nuclear medicine technology may apply for MIPS membership. International students on elective placements in Australia may also be eligible to apply.

Student membership is free

It's simple - apply online now.  It takes 1-2 minutes to complete the form and membership is free for students. The key membership benefit is indemnity insurance, so you have insurance cover for any healthcare services you provide as a student such as:

  • taking a history or performing the physical examination of a patient
  • writing a patient management plan
  • administration and principles in admitting and discharging patients
  • ordering and interpreting investigations
  • communicating with patients, relatives and staff

Benefits our student members love

  • Free elective indemnity insurance cover whether you're doing your elective overseas or locally – to apply complete the online elective cover form
  • Free elective travel insurance cover for your overseas electives (medical expenses, student travel insurance placement, lost luggage etc)
  • Communicable diseases cover (ie if you contract AIDS, HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C)
  • MIPS Protections for non-healthcare indemnity matters (for example we've helped students with complaints made against them by their university, disputes with their university and complaints from a hospital where they've done rounds)
  • Comprehensive indemnity cover up to $20 million with no sub-limits
  • 24-hour Clinico-Legal Support when you need it from experienced healthcare professionals (this service is available to all members at no additional cost).

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Electives cover - how do I apply?

To receive free travel elective indemnity insurance and your electives cover, which are benefits of student membership, you must apply online. If you are already a member you can complete the electives form. If you are not a member yet, you can apply for both membership and your electives cover using our online student application form.

If you are doing an international elective, you are eligible to apply for travel extension cover in addition to indemnity, which includes covers such as:

  • loss of baggage, traveller's cheques, travel documents and credit cards up to $10,000
  • medical expenses up to $2 million for 24 months
  • kidnap, detention, ransom and extortion up to $500,000

See the Insurance Covers Handbook for details.

Graduating soon?

If you expect to graduate in the next 12 months you can apply ahead of time to upgrade your membership to recent graduate basis. Currently, if you apply as a recent graduate (eg final year student), you will receive free membership from the day you complete your studies to 30 June. You can apply any time in your final year.


What is professional indemnity insurance?

MIPS' indemnity insurance policy provides cover for any acts, errors or omissions you make in providing healthcare. This means that should there be a complaint, claim, investigation or legal action made against you, then you can notify MIPS. This includes being sued (ie litigation). The legal defence costs and any further costs such as damages you are required to pay due to a settlement or court order are paid by MIPS provided they fall within the scope of the policy.

More information

Are you doing an elective?

Each year MIPS provides indemnity cover to students doing electives locally as well as outside of Australia. Students doing international electives are eligible to apply for travel extension cover  - all part of free student membership.