MIPS supports an informed choice, so we’re happy for you to compare us against our competitors because we know we’ll stack up. Here are some of the key differences you’ll notice between MIPS and other indemnity providers.

  1. We don’t have any sub-limits for indemnity insurance cover. We simply have the one limit of $20 million per claim and in the aggregate for the policy period (financial year). Some providers have limits on things such as legal costs or claims of a certain nature.
  2. All our membership benefits are part of your membership, so no matter whatever additional covers or services you use, we guarantee you won’t be charged an additional fee.
  3. When you call our 24-hour Clinico-Legal Support line, you can speak with an experienced clinician, not administrative staff or para-legals.
  4. We choose legal representation for members from a panel of law firms, not from within MIPS. This means we can employ the best in the business to represent our members and we can employ more law firms if we are busy with claims. 

As a healthcare professional in clinical practice you face significant risk of complaints, legal action and investigation. That’s why every healthcare practitioner should have the comprehensive protection and support provided with MIPS membership. 

The core benefits you receive as a member are:

Insurance benefits: Member’ Indemnity Insurance Policy


Amount insured/limit

Medical indemnity insurance cover

$20 million in the aggregate for a membership period

Proceedings before an administrative tribunal including defence costs 


Disciplinary hearings before a professional body including defence costs


Defence costs for an investigations into healthcare provided by you


Legal cost of a professional body/administrative body or of a court or tribunal you are ordered to pay


Good Samaritan acts (worldwide excluding the USA)


Private practice

Included provided it is permitted as part of and within the limits of your membership basis

Employer indemnified cover (additional protection if you also have indemnity cover through your employer)

Included provided it is permitted as part of your membership basis

 Elective cover (for students)


International cover for:

  • Hospital or employer indemnified placements
  • Services when accompanying an Australian sporting or cultural group
  • Student elective placements
  • Gratuitous services in a developing country

Included (you must have a private practice basis for the duration if accompanying a sporting or cultural group or providing gratuitous services in a developing country) - you must apply to MIPS and receive approval to receive this cover

Clinical trial cover

Included - you must apply to MIPS and receive approval to receive this cover

Tele-health (healthcare provided over the internet, by video conference or telephone in Australia)


Practice entity excess cover

$10,000 for any one claim and $30,000 in the aggregate for all claims

Cover for any excess that is payable under an insurance policy not issued by MIPS that protects a practice you have a direct financial interest in




Membership Benefits Handbook

Members’ Insurance Covers Handbook

Application forms

Membership fee estimate

Membership Application

Recent Graduates (less than 5 years)



Blended pricing

Our membership fees are calculated using a unique blended pricing model that provides an equitable approach that accurately reflects each member’s risk exposure from current and past practice.

The right protection

Having the right protection and support such as our 24-hour Clinico-Legal Support service gives members the peace of mind they need to practice with confidence.

Proven track record

As a not-for-profit organisation, MIPS works solely to benefit its members. We respond and manage claim notifications and have a track record of successfully defending our members. We provide accredited risk education, confidential advice and most importantly ensure that MIPS is comfortably funded to cover current and future members’ claims liabilities and support. MIPS is also proud to offer dental indemnity cover for dentists, hygienists and other oral healthcare practitioners. All assets of MIPS are ultimately owned by MIPS members.

Designed by healthcare practitioners

Membership provides the necessary cover and assistance for healthcare professionals and students. Insurance covers (including dental indemnity cover) provided as part of membership exceed the minimum indemnity requirements outlined by Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency.