Other benefits

Our underlying philosophy is “to support and protect Members”. Members know that MIPS provides comprehensive medical indemnity cover but we believe that the best protection for members is achieved by informing and empowering them.

At MIPS we do that by providing members with the knowledge and resources they need to be able to succeed in their professional lives.

By providing members with access to reliable and objective information and facilitating appropriate education and skills we believe MIPS members will be better placed to make the right choices.

We have listened to our members to better understand the risks and challenges they face, not just in relation to clinical matters, but also their health and financial wellbeing and have then carefully selected partners to help us equip members for those challenges.

Members can access tools and resources that will assist with financial literacy as well as health and wellbeing initiatives through a range of customised products and services designed in collaboration with MIPS. These include personal, car & equipment loans and health insurance.

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At MIPS we want members to ensure they feel informed and comfortable about the choices they make. We encourage you to consider the benefits of MIPS membership.