Brand Launch

Navigating the future together

MIPS has been proudly protecting its members for over 35 years. This history has positioned MIPS to uniquely recognise the evolving and growing challenges of providing healthcare in a modern post-pandemic and increasingly digitally-enabled world.

To help members meet these challenges, MIPS has expanded the cover provided in its insurance product to reflect current practices. MIPS also continues to adapt its risk education and CPD opportunities to help members keep up with their professional and registration obligations.

At MIPS, we value the trust that our members place in our services and expertise, and respect that trust through ongoing excellence in protection, support, and advice. As we face the future together, MIPS remains dedicated to its members and the broader healthcare community.

A confident new brand

To reflect this dedication, today MIPS is introducing a new brand that represents our confidence in the future of healthcare in Australia. This brand also demonstrates our commitment to helping members feel empowered, secure, and protected throughout their diverse careers.

Our brand will improve how we communicate with our members as we continue to help you navigate the complexities of healthcare, and to give you the personalised support to pursue your passions, and realise your ambitions.