Medical practitioners

You can apply to join MIPS if you are a registered health practitioner practising medicine, dentistry, oral health or other healthcare disciplines such as nuclear medicine technology.

MIPS offers a large range of membership categories spanning the spectrum of public and/or private practice covering each step of professional development.

Eligible medical professionals include:

  • Interns and recent graduates
  • Doctors in training (ie towards fellowship)
  • Career hospital doctors
  • Registrars
  • General practitioners
  • Physicians including paediatricians
  • Psychiatrists
  • Other specialists (eg radiologist, gynaecologist, vascular surgeon etc)

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Case study: MIPS membership at work

A MIPS member who was an orthopaedic surgeon treated a patient with a hip problem. The patient was a builder who wanted to continue working as long as he was able. After x-rays and consultation the member recommended a hip replacement.

Due to a cancellation, the member was able to book the patient in at short notice. The operation appeared to be a success, although soon afterwards the patient experienced foot drop. At review, the doctor prescribed a conservative, forming a view that the foot would eventually be okay, but it would take up to 12 months to recover. 

After 18 months there was no sign of improvement, and the patient still could not work. Frustrated and concerned about his future, he sought legal advice on the member’s conduct and possible compensation for pain, suffering and his loss of past and future income.

The legal case against the member was brought on the issue of informed consent. It was alleged, the member did not provide advice to the patient on any of the possible risks, including complications and failures associated with the procedure. Details about possible risks and failures were not recorded in the patient record. The patient went from being able to work albeit with discomfort to not being able to work after the surgery. 


With the assistance of MIPS the case was settled out of court. Information about all the risks of procedures, particularly major surgery, should be recorded and provided to the patient and recorded in the notes. A decision to proceed to surgery needs to be made voluntarily by a patient with knowledge and understanding of the benefits and risks involved. 

Blended pricing

Our fees are calculated using a unique blended pricing model which provides an equitable approach that accurately reflects each member’s risk exposure from current and past practice. This means you pay the fee that reflects your risk, not somebody else's.


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