24-hour Clinico-Legal Support and Advice

MIPS receives around 4,000 clinico-legal contacts from members each year. Of these, only a small fraction end up becoming a claim. In most cases, MIPS can provide advice that either helps prevent an incident from becoming a claim or assists a member to further protect themselves in the event of a claim.

Speak with an experienced practitioner anytime of the day

If you are a member, feel free to contact MIPS using our 24-hour Clinico-Legal Support service to discuss any professional matter you feel may put you at professional risk. This includes both your clinical practice and aspects of your professional practice not associated with treating patients, such  as your own professional conduct or health.

MIPS prides itself on the quality of the independent and confidential advice that its expert advisers provide. This service is included as part of membership at no additional charge.

When MIPS receives a notification from a member about a claim or complaint, an experienced clinician will call you to discuss the matter. If you call the 24-hour Clinico-Legal Support line you can speak with an experienced fellow healthcare practitioner (including outside of business hours).

Always in touch

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1800 061 113


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How can we best support you

Australian healthcare practitioners and the public are aware of the need for practitioners to stay healthy, yet this remains a problematic area. Practitioners face diverse issues including illness, impairment, the impact of clinico-legal issues and personal safety in the work environment.

Whether real or perceived, there are barriers to seeking assistance and support when dealing with health-related issues such as:

  • confidentiality
  • embarrassment or stigma of ill health
  • difficulty accessing help
  • impact to career development
  • implications of mandatory reporting.

These concerns can result in inadequate preventative care, self-diagnosis, self-treatment or delayed presentation of an illness. This can impact a practitioner’s standing with AHPRA, colleges and associations.

Members should take necessary steps to seek appropriate assistance and help. As an indemnity provider, MIPS is exempt from AHPRA’s requirement to make mandatory notifications. This enables you to undertake a confidential discussion with experienced clinicians.

Under MIPS Health members can have access to the MindStep™ health support program. Under this program health insurance members of MIPS can access confidential individual support that is outside mandatory reporting requirements.

MIPS provides 24/7 clinico-legal advice and support to members.

Mental health, suicide and alcohol and drugs support

Doctors’ Health Advisory Services

The Doctors' Health Advisory Service aims to ensure that every doctor, dentist or student in these professions has ready access to health care.

Crisis support and suicide prevention

Alcohol and drugs

For 24/7 support in Australia you can contact

Members experiencing financial hardship

There may be reasons why you find yourself unable to meet your membership fee instalment repayments. In the event you require temporary assistance with your repayments, MIPS will consider any request for financial hardship in a fair and appropriate manner. Please contact MIPS on 1800 061 113 or info@mips.com.au

There are some state based Medical benevolent Associations that may also provide assistance (ACT or NSW, QLD)

Rural and remote practice support

Advice and support for practitioners working in rural and remote areas.