Practice entity, cyber and public & product liability

Healthcare practices face the risk of complaints, legal action, and investigation, which may not be covered by a practitioner's indemnity insurance.

There are many ways daily operations can expose practices to the risk of a claim, complaint, or legal action. For example, privacy breaches or failure in your duty of care can lead to poor patient outcomes forming the basis of a complaint.

Practices and not just practitioners can be the victim of civil action (i.e. being sued). You can insure your business to cover the legal defence costs of claims made against your practice and damages a court may order a practice to pay.

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Insurance offered by AON

Aon have developed Healthcare Clinic Malpractice and other covers. MIPS receives no financial benefit or commission from this but does assist members to apply. If you acquire cover, it will be through Aon, not MIPS and any future interactions will be through Aon.

To apply for cover please call: 1800 805 191

Practice entity, cyber and public & product liability insurances are issued in the name of a business, not in your name. This means it must be purchased by the business (or contractor) and the business must advise who is working in the practice and the nature of the healthcare provided. This is different to MIPS membership, that is only provided to individuals.

Doesn’t MIPS’ Membership already cover administrative staff? 

Yes, as part of MIPS Membership, the Indemnity Insurance Policy includes practice entity and staff cover, which is provided to protect your practice staff who assist you to provide healthcare. This cover is only offered to members who qualify as sole practitioners. Limits and exclusions apply. See the Member Handbook. 

Insurance cover is subject to the terms, conditions, and exclusions of the policy. The information provided is general advice only and does not consider your personal circumstances or needs. You should review the Member Handbook Combined PDS and FSG and/or contact MIPS on 1800 061 113, before making a decision. Information is current as at the date published.