250x250 practising with care
Practising with care: Resolving challenging patient interactions
3 Sep 2021
Regardless of your training or your clinical specialty, you are bound to experience interactions with patients that can prove challenging. These interactions, if not addressed appropriately, may leave ...
employment contracts spring 2021
Employment contracts - Making them work for you
3 Sep 2021
You have finally landed the job you want, but it’s now time to sign the contract. Do you understand the agreement? Do you know your rights?
What to do when the Coroner calls
2 Sep 2021
The threshold for making a reportable death is very high. Each coroner’s court has its own state/territory jurisdiction so what qualifies as a reportable death varies slightly in each state and territ ...
250x250 Voluntary assisted dying
Voluntary Assisted Dying – Different states different laws
1 Sep 2021
Update on VAD legislation across Australia. MIPS recommends that you familiarise and understand how these changes apply to your practice to ensure your delivery of care is safe and compliant with the ...
250x250 Telehealth cosmetic practice
Telehealth injecting risk into cosmetic practice
1 Sep 2021
MIPS has observed that some healthcare practitioners are providing telehealth for cosmetic procedures and some of the business models supporting this may place healthcare practitioners at an unaccepta ...
250x250 Google review Dentist defamation
Dentist wins against negative Google review
30 Aug 2021
This case is another example of the recent rise of Google review defamation cases in Australia. Practitioners adversely impacted by negative reviews are having to resort to bringing such proceedings ...
250x250Diagnostics a team sport
Diagnostics A Team Sport
25 Aug 2021
It is imperative to remember that diagnostics is a collaborative and patient-centred process that can be most effective through conversation and dialogue. It is a complex area as there could be a numb ...
handbook cover 21
MIPS Membership Update 2021
31 May 2021
MIPS continues to focus on protecting and supporting members through improved products and services that deliver value to members, by understanding their unique needs and investing in our people and c ...
prac entity 250x250
30 May 2021
Adverse or unexpected events in healthcare may result in a negligence lawsuit being brought against you, or the practice in which you work. MIPS has noted an increase in civil claims where practice en ...
medical survey 250x250
34% of respondents experienced and/or witnessed bullying
29 May 2021
According to the latest results from the 2020 Medical Training Survey, young Australian medical trainees rated the quality of their training favorably but voiced concerns about persistent issues invol ...
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