secure cyber resilience 250x250
Secure your cyber resilience
27 May 2021
Criminals consider healthcare data extremely valuable due to the high volume of sensitive information. Sensitive information such as contact details, past addresses, date of birth and other personal d ...
ED 250x250
How to avoid diagnostic errors in the ED
27 May 2021
In contrast to other specialties medico-legal cases in emergency medicine mostly involve diagnostic errors rather than errors in treatment, inappropriate care or equipment failure. Diagnostic error ca ...
ptifalls in dentistry
The pitfalls of dealing with third parties in dentistry
26 May 2021
Dental healthcare practitioners work with various third parties to develop opportunities, promote public health and assist with modern commercial realities. This relationship impacts the delivery of d ...
gender supp 250x250
Change or Suppression (Conversion) Practices Prohibition Bill 2020
19 May 2021
For individuals and organisations involved in counselling, providing a psychiatry or psychotherapy consultation, treatment or therapy, or any other similar consultation, treatment or therapy, teaching ...
Administering vaccine 250x250
Administering COVID-19 vaccines - You and your practice
1 Mar 2021
Many practices will be administering the vaccine and should assess the potential liability of the practice and its staff and consider insurance coverage associated to these wider vaccine-related liabi ...
Self reflect 250x250
AHPRA - Self-reflection is good healthcare practice
1 Mar 2021
Pivotal to the delivery of healthcare are the concepts of self-regulation and a commitment to lifelong learning. Acknowledged as a core skill in Australian healthcare education, reflection is a delibe ...
Membership classification
Does your membership classification reflect your practice?
1 Mar 2021
Your membership classification determines the extent your practice is covered and should be reviewed regularly to ensure it accurately reflects the practice you are undertaking. This includes notifyin ...
PBS active ingredient 250x250
PBS legislation: Active ingredient now mandatory
26 Feb 2021
From 1 Feb 2021, under the National Health (Pharmaceutical Benefits) Regulations 2017 (the Principal Regulations) Active Ingredient legislation, it is mandatory for the prescription of medicines to be ...
Dr Chater 250x250
Honour before Honours
25 Feb 2021
Associate Prof Bruce Chater OAM, received the AMA Queensland Rural Health Medal for his outstanding health and advocacy services to rural medicine and the community. A long time MIPS member, he and hi ...
cyber digital age 250x250
Keeping up the pace: Regulation in a digital age
18 Feb 2021
Cybersecurity in healthcare is of increasing concern. Healthcare organisations are attractive targets for cybercrime for two main reasons: they are a rich source of highly prized personal information ...
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