Members' Constitution

The Constitution of MIPS was written with the philosophy of putting members first and in the spirit of medical defence organisations. It contains the fundamental principles of how MIPS is organised, how it operates and its purpose.

MIPS Constitution (PDF)


The objects of the MIPS Constitution

MIPS is formed with the following objects:

(a) to support and protect the character and interests of legally qualified health care practitioners and of persons legally entitled to practice medicine, surgery or a related health care discipline;

(b) to support and protect the character and interests of Members;

(c) to promote honourable and to discourage irregular practice;

(d) to, in accordance with the terms of this Constitution and always at the discretion of the Board:

i) grant indemnities to members in respect of claims or demands;

(ii) advise and defend or assist in defending any Member in any case arising out of the clinical practice of the Member which may affect the Member’s professional character or interests;

(iii) institute any legal or other proceedings for the protection or vindication of the character of any Member;

(iv) provide and obtain advice and opinions on any legal or other matter; and

(e) to consider, originate, promote and support, or oppose legislative or other measures affecting Members.

What is professional indemnity insurance?

MIPS' indemnity insurance policy provides cover for acts, errors or omissions you make in providing healthcare. This means that should there be a complaint, claim, investigation or legal action made against you, then you can notify MIPS. This includes being sued (ie litigation). Once notified MIPS may appoint legal representation. The legal defence costs and any further costs such as damages you are required to pay due to a settlement or court order are paid by MIPS provided they fall within the scope of the policy.

More information on indemnity insurance policies