Hospital and industry education support

Supporting education in the field

MIPS takes an active role in helping practitioners better manage their day-to-day working life, helping to avoid adverse outcomes to a patient or, in the event they occur, help mitigate those outcomes. We do this by working with teaching hospitals and education providers to complement their healthcare education programs.

Healthcare practitioners face significant risk of complaints, legal actions and investigations. By drawing on our own claims experience we present content on how to best respond to healthcare obligations, challenges and emerging trends.

Frameworks and guides

We have developed an extensive range of clinico-legal content and resources taking into account key frameworks, standards and regulations, for example

  • Codes of Conduct for healthcare practitioners
  • Australian common law legislation and regulatory standards, principles and guidelines
  • Healthcare College or association guidelines and standards.

Learning objectives

When developing content our initial focus is to ensure we have a clearly defined set of learning objectives that outline the key purpose of the learning efforts. This helps guide us on the structure and activities to undertake as well as provide basis for post review and assessment for ongoing improvement. This approach has assisted in obtaining accreditation from a number of colleges including ACCRM and RACGP.

Topics covered

The following provides some recent topics we have delivered to hospitals and other healthcare associations

  • Just tell the truth - how to be a witness
  • An introduction to mandatory reporting
  • Colleagues in difficulty
  • Your wellbeing, career and patient safety

We have also tailored workshop content for stakeholders that better respond to specific needs and concerns. It is critical that it is driven by the stakeholders learning objectives.

Our presenters

We have a panel of presenters from a variety of specialities as this allows us to select the best presenter to fit your individual requirement / topic.

Our presenters will provide education that supplements your program; they will not promote MIPS membership.

What our partners say

“The MIPS presentation, Young Practitioner Risk Essentials was delivered by a health practitioner who was able to draw on anecdotes and content relevant to junior doctor practice. The presentation was well received by attendees, comments included: ‘excellent presentation & great content’ ‘practical advice, sensible delivery’.”
Kate Jurd
Toowoomba Hospital

“We are always very pleased with the education that MIPS provides. MIPS presents several education sessions per year in our Intern Education and Training Program. The education sessions are consistently of a high quality and relevant to the audience, and the presenters are reliable, knowledgeable, and highly professional. A great service provided free of charge with no sales pitch included.”
Sandra Head
Senior MEO
Ipswich Hospital.

“MIPS have been a tremendous support to the well-being and training of the junior doctors at the Princess Alexandra Hospital through providing very experienced clinicians who have extensive experience in dealing with clinico-legal issues to present on relevant issues.”
Angela O’Connor
Principal MEO
Princess Alexandra Hospital

Features for field education

  • Variety of topics
  • Flexible timetable
  • Workshop or webinar options available
  • Experienced presenters
  • customised training (broad or specialised)

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