Dispute resolution

MIPS is committed to dealing openly and efficiently with all customer complaints and disputes.

MIPS has an internal complaint and dispute resolution procedure designed for this purpose. Access to that process is free.  A complaint means an expression of dissatisfaction relating to a product or service conveyed to MIPS together with a request that the complaint be remedied. Dispute means an unresolved complaint about our product or services.

Step 1

Call us on 1800 061 113.
If you let a staff member know what the problem is, he or she may be able to resolve the issue. If not, the staff member will refer you to the appropriate contact person in MIPS based on the nature of the issue. This way your complaint reaches the right person.

Step 2

MIPS will respond to your complaint within 15 business days, provided we have all of the necessary information and have completed our investigations.  If we need more information or to undertake investigations about your complaint, we will agree to reasonable alternative time frames.  When we have made a decision about your complaint we will notify you of our decision in writing, setting out the reasons for our decision.

Step 3

If the complaint has not been resolved to your satisfaction within the agreed time frames or you are not satisfied with our decision, you can contact MIPS’ Dispute Resolution Manager who will examine your complaint and our decision and advise you in writing within 10 business days of the action MIPS proposes to take about the complaint.

Step 4

If the matter is still unresolved or not resolved to your satisfaction by our internal dispute resolution processes, you can take it to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) by:

  • phoning 1300 780 808; or by
  • writing to GPO Box 3, Melbourne VIC 3001; or by
  • online at www.fos.org.au.

Seeking advice can be helpful, as the dispute process is sometimes quite complex and there can be a range of options in relation to it.

Complaints and disputes form download