Aged care part 1 - 'A shocking tale of neglect'

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    More than 1.2m Australians accessed aged-care services from mainstream programs in 2017-2018. The ongoing Royal Commission into the healthcare practises of Australia’s aged care facilities is an opportunity to get to the heart of the problems that has plagued the sector and to put in place real reforms to transform aged care services.

    In this webinar, we identify some of the emerging issues and potential implications on our profession that will be raised in the final report of the Royal Commission.

    Some other important points we will cover:

    • Service shortfalls
    • serious substandard care and unsafe practice
    • an underpaid, undervalued and insufficiently trained workforce
    • reduced reliance on chemical restraints

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    Aged care part 1 - 'A shocking tale of neglect'

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