My job, my career – how to deal with challenges

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Bottlenecks in the system and increased competition for training places, create concerns for junior doctors about career prospects and puts added pressure on making an early decision. Making the right choices means a considered and resolute approach. How do you put yourself in the best possible position to achieve your goals? And how do you manage the effects of stress, fatigue, exams and even unprofessional behaviour from colleagues? It's vital that you take care of your own health and wellbeing to ensure your career does not hit any bumps in the road. Dr Jo Hely provides her insights from 30 years of clinical training and junior doctor education, involvement with practitioner regulators and as a MIPS Clinico-Legal Adviser.

If you are a young healthcare practitioner who wants to start out on the right foot, this webinar will cover the challenges you face as you begin your career. These include career progression and performance issues, selecting the right job options, maintaining health and wellbeing and dealing with impairment issues.

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    My Job, my career- how to deal with challenges

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