My Membership access (online account access)

Why register?

As a member of MIPS you are able to view your details via My Membership.  Registering will give you easy access to:

  • update your membership and contact details
  • make payment of your membership renewal application
  • print a certificate of currency or tax invoice
  • print a CPD certificate for any previously completed MIPS risk education
  • participate in risk management activities
  • take advantage of our many membership benefits.

Am I registered?

Online access is automatically setup as part of your membership once payment of your membership fee has been received. 

Simply select the forgot username or password? link and enter the email address you provided to MIPS.  A new password will be emailed to you.  Your membership number will be your username and you may use our services immediately. If you didn't provide an email address to MIPS, you must register below and provide an email address to have access to My Membership

If you are experiencing issues with the forgot username link or you have not previously supplied an email address to MIPS, please complete the following form. You will receive an email with your username and password by the end of the following business day.


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