Top 10 clinico-legal issues

From the MIPS files comes this informative online presentation run by MIPS clinico-legal adviser, Dr Nichola Davis. Dr Davis' experience as a clinico-legal adviser dealing with notifications on a daily basis from healthcare practitioners like you, provides invaluable insight into the function MIPS performs to protect its members as well as some of the obstacles to avoid while you are practicing.

Case studies of familiar scenarios which have found some members unwittingly in ‘hot water’ are outlined in this session.

Learning outcomes:

  • Records (who can have/access?)
  • Diagnostic issues (Failure to notify results /recalls)
  • Surgical (consent/material risk)
  • Prescribing (especially S8 medications)
  • Communication (misunderstandings)
  • Difficult patients (how to disengage?)
  • AHPRA complaints
  • Work life balance/impairment
  • Social media
  • Family – custody issues/partner violence
    • Duration: 1 hr
    • RACGP: 2 Category 2 Points
    • ACRRM: 1 Credit Point

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