Australia's ageing population part 2 - Healing the crisis

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Following on from Aged Care Part I: ‘A shocking tale of neglect’, in this webinar, we will explore how we can all as healthcare professionals help improve the services to aged care going forward. We now know the system is at crisis point so we need to focus on the broader health related issues impacting our parents, grandparents, friends and patients.

What are you legal and ethical obligations in providing appropriate care to our most vulnerable and how you can work to meet industry requirements and minimise your risk exposure?

Jayr Teng

Jayr  is a Principal Solicitor at the Department of Health and Human Services, Victoria. Jayr is an experienced health lawyer who has advised government, hospitals and individual medical practitioners on health law matters. He has also been published in a number of academic and health industry journals and is a member of the LIV Health Law Committee.

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Australia's ageing population part 2 - Healing the crisis

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