Consent, records and communication - do you know the drill?

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Specially tailored to MIPS dental members, this webinar looks at three of the most common issues facing dental healthcare practitioners. To ensure our members are equipped with the right tools and knowledge to make informed decisions about their patients’ care, Dr Elizabeth Milford will present on some of the key components of these issues.

Dr Milford will outline how consent relies on effectively communicating options, risks and costs associated with procedures as well as post procedure warnings and maintenance in order to provide optimal treatment to individual patients and mitigate adverse outcomes. She will also stress the importance of the dental practitioner understanding the patient’s ability to agree to treatment. This webinar will also cover how to work through these key issues as well as the minutiae of keeping records and basing them on two-way conversations with your patients.

Dr Elizabeth Milford

With more than ten years’ experience in health management, Elizabeth is an impressive all-rounder in the dental sector. As well as roles as a lecturer and consultant, she specialises in accreditation and governance. Her broad network and high-level roles keep her up to date and influential in the broader health political environment. Passionate about the world of dentistry, Dr Elizabeth Milford works individually as a mentor and broadly as an advocate for more fulfilling work-life. A national speaker, she draws on her experiences combined with current research to engage audiences on how they can create a more satisfying career.

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Consent, records and communication

2 Cat 2 Pts

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1 hr

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