COVID-19: Protecting your assets - The personal and financial impact on your wellbeing

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As Australia tries to flatten the curve of COVID-19, the major impact of the lockdown on people’s personal and financial wellbeing is beginning to surface. Almost a third of Australians have had their household finances worsened as a result of the pandemic with a concomitant surge of psychological distress, depression and anxiety. It is important that MIPS members have all available resources to assist them self-care so they in turn may effectively support and assist the community they serve.

As part of MIPS’ commitment to its members, we are offering this webinar to outline some of the resources available to you and provide you with some key strategies to minimise the impact of COVID-19 on your health, your career and your livelihood.

Dr Kym Jenkins

Dr Kym Jenkins, Consultant Psychiatrist and recent past President of RANZCP, has a clinical and academic interest in the health and welfare wellbeing of the medical profession spending 10 years as Medical Director of the Victorian Doctors’ Health Program.

Megan Smith

Prosperity Advisers Group

With over 20 years’ experience providing business and financial advice to healthcare professionals, Megan assists clients mitigate their risk, optimise performance and capitalise on opportunities.

Megan assists clients to maximise their outcomes by implementing strategies to underpin their success. She actively provides advisory services for practice improvement initiatives and goal setting, valuations and practice succession, cash flow forecasting and taxation planning.

Megan regularly provides thought leadership on financial matters affecting the medical professional.

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COVID-19: Protecting your assets - The personal and financial impact on your wellbeing

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