We’re here to protect and support members in some of their most difficult career moments. Medicine and dentistry are specialist careers and require equally matched specialist support and protection. When the circumstances call for action, we’re prepared.

No sub-limits

We don’t have any sub-limits for civil liability or defence costs in our indemnity insurance cover. We simply have the one limit of $20 million per claim and in the aggregate for the policy period (financial year).

No hidden fees

Your MIPS membership includes all the listed benefits regardless of the services you access. Your annual fee will only be impacted if your practice requirements change.

24/7 Medico-legal support

When you call our 24-hour Medico-Legal Support line, you can speak with an experienced advisor, not administrative staff. We have both clinical and legal advisers.

Best legal representation

We have an in-house legal team which is supported by a panel of law firms. This means we can employ the best in the business to represent our members.


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Member core benefits


What we cover

Our Indemnity Insurance Policy is comprehensive cover for health practitioners and meets AHPRA professional indemnity requirements. See the Member Handbook combined PDS and FSG for details.

Area of cover Clause/s Sub-limit* Aggregate limit
Insurance Cover Part A $20M
Civil liability coverage 3.1 None
Appeals (under part A) 3.2 None 
Insurance Cover Part A – Extensions
Discipline and regulatory matters 4 None 
Hospital inquiries 5 None 
Mandatory reporting 6 None 
Medicare and PSR 7 None 
Private health investigations 8 None 
Coronial inquiry or royal commission 9 None 
Drug and poisons authorities 10 None 
Removal from proceedings 11 None
Subpoenas 12 None 
Insurance Cover Part A – Specific inclusions
Indemnity dispute pursuit 13 None
Telehealth 14 None
Clinical trials and research projects 15 None
Student placements and Healthcare activities 16 None
Gratuitous services 17 None
Medical retrievals and repatriation 18 None
Good Samaritan acts 19 None
Insurance Cover Part B – Extensions
HIV, Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C  20 $25,000
Insurance Cover Part C – Extensions
Administrative Staff or Assistants 21 None
Sole practitioner entity 22 None


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Proven track record

As a not-for-profit organisation, MIPS works solely to benefit its members. We respond and manage claim notifications and have a track record of successfully defending our members. We provide accredited risk education, confidential advice and most importantly ensure that MIPS is comfortably funded to cover current and future members’ claims liabilities and support.

Designed by healthcare practitioners

Membership provides the necessary cover and assistance for healthcare professionals and students. Insurance covers (including dental indemnity cover) provided as part of membership exceed the minimum indemnity requirements outlined by Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency.